Life is an adventure and we are meant to live it to the fullest, and one of the best ways to do that is to enjoy the natural beauty around us. In India, her states are so diverse in feature that one can enjoy just about every kind of adventurous activity in any of them. So when it comes to adventure tourism, be it the northern part or southern part, India has a plethora of activities to offer.Also Read - Picture Perfect: Professional Photographer Ashish Bharti Talks About Importance of Camera Settings

In this episode, travel influencer Anant of Rashmee & Anant, who share pictures on Instagram under the name Travel With Searats, talks about what all one can expect to do in India. Also Read - Of Sand, Sun And Beach: Travel Blogger Ami Bhat Tells You Why Andaman is The Best

In his interaction with host Pankaj Nath, Anant discusses adventure tourism in India and doing a course in paragliding. Also Read - Travel Blogger Ami Bhat Talks About Life as a Traveller And How it All Started

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