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Lohri is celebrated on January 13 in several parts of India like Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Himachal. It is mostly celebrated by Punjabis all over the world and is a special festival that marks the beginning of the new harvest season. Lohri is one of the first festivals of the year and so, the enthusiasm is much higher. The festivities begin in the morning itself and go on until late night. Lohri involves fun rituals like dancing and singing and one of the few celebrations where people don’t fast, rather relish seasonal specialities. ALSO SEE How is Lohri celebrated in Amritsar Also Read - Watch | RPF Jawan Runs After Train to Deliver Milk Packet For a 4-Month-Old Baby, Wins Piyush Goyal's Praise

Families and friends get together to make merry and have a good time to mark this festival. However, one should not forget why the festival was celebrated in the first place. Lohri has not one but many reasons for its celebration and we will tell you why and how it came into being. It is not just a harvest festival, there are other significances also of celebrating Lohri. If a newly-wed couple celebrates its first Lohri, it is considered extremely auspicious and the celebrations are on a much larger scale. The case is also applicable to couples who beget a male child. Also Read - 'All-Pet' Private Jet to Reunite Stranded Pets in Delhi With Their Parents in Mumbai For THIS Cost Per Passenger

One of the reasons of celebrating Lohri is that Lohri was Holika’s sister who sat with her in the fire and while Holika burst to flames, Lohri came out of it unscathed. Hence, people have bonfire and call it Lohri. Another reason is that is symbolizes warmth and fire and people thank the almighty for a good year whilst also praying for a good harvest in the new season. Lohri is also a festival that marks the heroism of Dulla Bhatti, a man who rescued several girls from the Mughals, raised them and even got them married to suitable men. Many people recite this story during the celebration of the festival. ALSO SEE 5 rituals that mark Lohri celebration

During the celebration of the festival, people gather around in the evening and light up a bonfire. They offer sesame seeds, groundnuts and jaggery into the fire as they circle around it in groups. They also sing folk songs along. Kids often go from house to house in the morning tossing songs and get eatables from the elders. In the evening, people also have dinner together that consists of traditional dishes like gajak, sarson da saag, roti and more. The night goes on as people warm their hands in the bonfire, enjoy food and sing and dance as long as they can.

If it is a newly-wed’s first Lohri, the couple dresses up in all their finery and invite people to come for a get together to their house. The celebrations are grand and you can even expect functions like dance performances. These days, people often opt for readymade sweets to give away to their loved ones. However, the authentic taste of homemade ones is always the best. The reason for having these food items is also to keep one warm and immune from winter diseases. The Lohri celebration in Punjab is one of the best in the country. ALSO SEE Facts about Lohri


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