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Mumbai’s jam-packed airport is shutting down its main runway every day from 10 am to 5 pm until February 17 to upgrade its instrument landing system (ILS). The upgrade should make it easier to get aircraft to land on the centre of the runway, which is good for safety and a perfectly normal reason, even if it delays passengers somewhat. Meanwhile, the London City Airport shut down after a German bomb from World War II was found in a dock by the Thames. Now that is something you don’t get to hear every day. ALSO READ: London’s Big Ben Chimes for Final Time Before Going Silent for 4 Years
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The ordnance was found at the George V Dock during pre-planned work at the airport. The navy was promptly called in, and they set up an exclusion zone around the ordnance. As is standard, people within the exclusion zone are evacuated. That means closing rods and evacuating buildings that fall within the zone, and even shutting down airports. The airport was closed throughout February 12 and was expected to reopen the next day.

Meanwhile, the navy and the Metropolitan Police were working on keeping things as smooth as they can, and also keep the general public safe. While it could have taken longer to clear the situation, the airport recently tweeted out that it is ‘back to business as usual’. NOW READ: Tallest Hotel in the World Opens in Dubai, Overtaking Another Hotel in Dubai

Still, as far as reasons to shut down an airport go, this one ranks as one of the most unusual ones. Meanwhile, for those of you flying out of Mumbai airport anytime in the coming days, check your flight schedule before leaving because delays are expected.