Let’s face it. It would be very difficult to go offline for a day. Without your Facebook and Twitter sessions or games, you might feel incomplete. But, everyone should once in a while go offline to focus on things around. This is exactly what Devin Gramah did when he went to Bali. Devin is a videographer based in the USA and produces extreme sports and adventure videos on YouTube under the name devinsupertramp (he has over 3.9 million subscribers!)

Bali Temple

Photograph Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Devin put his phone on airplane mode and headed out to explore Bali. Instead of relying on online reviews, search engines and GPS, he interacted with the locals to know about interesting places to visit and directions to reach there. Devin and his friends explored the beautiful island and its picturesque locations without using the internet. Bali’s terraced farm, amazing temples, white sand beaches make it a popular holiday destination and Devin’s video captures this beautiful land perfectly.