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Love Surfing? These 5 Places in India Have Great Waves to Surf!

The pristine beaches of India are one of the major tourist attractions.

Updated: March 1, 2020 12:04 AM IST

By Bhagyashri Pawar

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With the advent of technology in the field of tourism, the earlier preconceived notions about India, just being a land of yoga gurus, ancient temples and snake charmers is finally changing. With millions of foreign tourists visiting India every year, Indian tourism is booming and our tourism industry is taking all the necessary steps to cater to the needs of travellers and backpackers from all across the globe.

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The pristine beaches of India are one of the major tourist attractions and considering the increasing number of adrenaline junkies coming to India, a new surfing culture has started to take shape. Riding high on waves, balancing your weight on the surfboard with the wind in your hair is one of the most awesome feelings one can ever experience. So if you are wondering where to head to try surfing, well look no further, as I bring to you the list of best places to surf in India.

Varkala  – Kerala


God’s own country, known for its natural beauty and enchanting backwaters, has some exotic beaches to look up to. Varkala, near Kovalam beach, is one the best places for beginners to learn surfing, thanks to its sandy sea bed, which minimises the risk of injuries to a great extent. That’s right, surfing is not for everybody and it should be tried with caution. The waves around Varkala are not threateningly high giving enough leeway for first-timers to learn surfing. The best time for surfing in Varkala is from November to March and should be avoided during June to September due to heavy monsoons.

Kovalam Beach – Kerala


One of the most popular beaches in Kerala, Kovalam, also gives an opportunity for surfers to grab their surfboards and head to the water. Being a point break surf point, that is having a rocky sea bed, makes surfing at Kovalam slightly more risky as compared to Varkala. While experienced surfers can enjoy riding high waves of Kovalam beach, the beginners can be guided by multiple surf clubs operating at Kovalam. The best time to surf here is from October to February.

Manapad point – Tamil Nadu


Manapad has a coastline formed by multiple layers of lava accumulated over hundreds of years. This makes Manapad, one of the rarest places in India, where one can witness the best wave formation throughout the year. One can expect a minimum of 400 meters ride on the magnificent waves of the Indian Ocean at Manpad. The best time to visit Manpad is from November to March. While surfing in the monsoon winds can be great fun at Manpad, the amateurs should strictly avoid venturing the choppy waters during monsoon.

Gokarna – Karnataka


Clear skies, mountain backdrop, coconut trees and crystal clear water – Gokarna beach has everything a surf enthusiast could ever want. It is also one of the best places to have your first surfing experience thanks to the waves here, which are less challenging and predictable than other beaches in India. The best time to visit Gokarna is from October to March. So pack your surfboards and head to Gokarna before the sweltering Indian summer sets in.

Paradip – Odisha


Now coming to one of the most challenging swells along the coastline, Paradip in Odisha is a treat for experienced surfers who can travel up to 1 km on the gigantic waves. The less experienced surfers can try surfing at Jagannath Puri where the waves are six to eight feet high. The best time to visit Paradip and Puri is November to April, to avoid heavy downpour and sweaty heat.

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