How would you feel if given an opportunity to be the only one who can visit a popular tourist destination? Special! Isn’t it. Well, this actually happened with a person in Japan.Also Read - International Flights: Now Fly Directly to London From This Indian City | Booking, Travel Details Here

In March 2020, just a few days before Machu Picchu was shut owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, a 26-year-old Japanese tourist named Jesse Katayama bought a ticket for the tourist site and visited the city in which it is situated. Soon after that, the flights were cancelled and movement in Japan was restricted. This is what did not let him visit the site, explore the city and even go back to his home and also made him stuck there for months. Also Read - Mumbai Travel News: COVID-19 Testing Facility Available at Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport for Passengers and People Dropping by

Jesse Katayama’s story reached the local tourism authority and various people pleaded with the mayor and the government to allow him to visit Machu Picchu. Finally, the authorities agreed and gave him the “super special opportunity” to visit the tourist site. After reaching there, Jesse Katayama took to his Instagram account to post his picture against the backdrop of majestic mountains. He captioned it, “The first person on Earth who went to Machu Picchu since the lockdown is meeeeeee (sic).” He also wrote in Japanese, “I thought that I wouldn’t be able to go, but thanks to all of you who pleaded with the mayor and the government, I was given this super special opportunity.” Also Read - Domestic Travel Latest News: IndiGo to Charge Rs 100 Service Fee if Passengers Opt For Check-in at Airport Counters

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マチュピチュキタァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァ‼️‼️‼️ この前の新聞見てくれて 「頑張って」「応援してる」 「なんでも頼って」 「マチュピチュの俺の家タダで使ってええよ」 「マチュピチュ開いたらタダでガイドしたる」 「マチュピチュ村の村長に行ける様に言っとくわ」 ペルーの人達、ペルーに住んでる日本の人達から沢山メッセージもらいました😂 もう行けへんやろなと思ってたけど、皆さんが村長、政府に頼んでくれて 超特別に行かせてもらった👏🏽笑 ペルーの人達みんな優しすぎるぅ〜くぅ〜 本当にありがとうございます!! 村長と一緒にマチュピチュいった人今までおらんやろ笑 閉鎖後、1番最初にマチュピチュ行った地球人は俺だぁぁぁぁぁ🔥🔥🔥 #世界一周 #バックパッカー #27ヵ国目 #ペルー #マチュピチュ #貸し切り #村長のガイド付き #村長ごっつ男前 #トムクルーズ似なんよ #ミッションインポッシブルなんよ #peru #machupicchu #lastsamurai

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According to AFP, in a Facebook video post, Jesse Katayama thanked the authorities for making him feel special. He said, “This is truly amazing! Thank you.”