machu pichu

Our planet is full of astonishing places to visit. Some of them are known for their natural beauty while others are made alluring by man’s brilliance. A number of historical sites across the globe are worth checking out on account of the excellent architectural styles that these places stand testimony to. Not only do these monuments and sites take us back in time, they also inspire us to pursue excellence just as our ancestors did. One such historical site which is one of the most inspiring places to visit is Machu Pichu in Peru. ALSO SEE Heading to Machu Picchu? Peru Wants You to Visit Its Sacred Sister Too

Machu Pichu is a 15th century citadel that stands testimony to the engineering and architectural brilliance of the Inca Empire. It is situated on a 2,430-metre high mountain ridge and overlooks the Sacred Valley of Cuzco. Its dry-stone wall architecture has been renowned over the ages and often leaves people in awe of the precision and meticulous calculations of the Inca people. Today, Machu Pichu is considered to be the most familiar icon of the glorious Inca Empire. It may not be in its original form as several restoration activities have been conducted over the years. However, it still has the power to impress you, awe you and make you respect the Inca history. CHECK OUT Top 10 Things to Do in Peru

This National Geographic Video does a wonderful job of giving you an introduction to Machu Pichu and getting you all excited about visiting it at least once in your lifetime.

Magnificent, isn’t it?