Jainism is one of the most prominent religions of India. Today is Mahavir Jayanti 2018, a day that marks the birth anniversary of Jainism’s last Tirthankara (spiritual teacher), Lord Mahavir. As such, it is a significant day for the Jain community all over the world. Most Mahavir Jayani celebration rituals include a procession carrying the idol of Lord Mahavir from one religious spot to another with devotees in presence. On this day, devotees visit a Jain temple and pay their respects. India is home to a number of Jain temples that are worth a visit. However, did you know that the world’s tallest Jain statue is located in the state of Maharashtra? ALSO SEE 5 Jain Temples in Maharashtra You Must Visit Also Read - Mahavir Jayanti 2018: 5 Jain Temples in Maharashtra You Must Visit

Located in the Nashik District of Maharashtra, the ‘Statue of Ahimsa’ stands 128 feet tall (including its pedestal) and holds the Guinness record for world’s tallest Jain idol. It is 1840 sq feet in size. The humongous idol was carved out of the Mangi Tungi hills in the Teharabad village of Baglan tehsil. It is a statue of Lord Rishabhdeva, the first Jain Tirthankar. Also Read - Mahavir Jayanti 2018: Best Quotes, SMS, WhatsApp Messages, Facebook Wishes To Send Happy Mahavir Jayanti Greetings!

The Mangi Tungi hills are a significant pilgrim site for the Jain community as they are one of the 4 siddha kshetras of the religion. The Statue of Ahimsa is on top of the hill at an altitude of 4,343 feet above sea level. Also Read - Mahavir Jayanti 2018: Date, Puja Shubh Muhurat, Vidhi And Tithi

There is a 57-foot tall idol of Lord Bahubali in Karnataka’s Shravanabelagola. It formerly held the record as the world’s tallest Jain statue.