Holidays are of various kinds. These days, a large number of people have taken to travel as a lifestyle choice and they have their own preferences when it comes to the kind of travel they want to indulge in. Some like backpacking while some prefer luxury travel. Some travel for food while others for shopping. Some travel solo while some only prefer traveling with family. There is quite a clear trend we can see when it comes to travel. Recently, analysts at the travel website produced some data pointing towards the major trends of 2017. They looked at guest reviews, industry studies and travel data and drew conclusions based on surveys conducted among 12,780 respondents around the world. As a result, they have predicted how most travelers would be traveling in 2017 and their predictions are quite surprising as well as refreshing. Here are some of them:

Experiential travel


In case you are wondering what experiential travel means, it is simply the choice of experiences over materialistic acts like shopping. Around 58 percent of travelers polled, said that they plan to spend more on experiences than on buying souvenirs or other materialistic stuff.

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Health and fitness travel


An increasing number of travelers will be traveling for relaxation and fitness related purposes. The survey results predict that overworked professionals from countries like India and China will travel for relaxation and wellness which means there will be a spike in wellness sanctuaries called ‘sanctustays’. This means that you can expect more relaxing ans state-of-the-art villas, apartments and resorts, with services like wellness workshops, yoga retreats, fitness activities and meditation facilities.

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Green travel


The best of the lot is green travel which will be a thing in the coming year. People are now taking note of climate change and are keen on becoming responsible citizens and travelers. As more and more tourists make eco-friendly choices, you can expect to see a rise in discussions on economic incentives such as tax breaks for green travel, and the greening of transportation. This can only be good for the planet as well as the business.

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Apart from these ways of travel, there will also probably be a rise in use of technology for bookings. People are yearning for authentic contacts with locals for a good experience. Experts say that this may result in advances in chatbot technology which will emulate the warmth, authenticity and spontaneity of physical human communication.

Exciting times ahead, don’t you think?

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