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We Indians love to eat, don’t we? While Indian food is renowned all across the globe for its spices and flavors and unparalleled taste, Indians themselves are a curious lot who love to try out all the various types of cuisine in the country. In a recent survey conducted by Tripadvisor, it was revealed that close to 73 per cent of Indians had food on their mind while planning their 2017 travels. According to the survey, 63 per cent of Indians will be planning a gastronomic getaway in the year 2017. (ALSO SEE 5 quirky restaurants in Mumbai for an unique dining experience) Also Read - After Lockdown is Over, Automated Sector to Resume Operations First | 5-Point Strategy

The survey also revealed that even when they are not traveling, 34 per cent Indians eat out one to two times a month and 33 per cent eat out once every week for the joy of trying out new cuisines or enjoying their favorite food while celebrating an occasion. But what is interesting is, 51 per cent of Indians said that dining out and selecting good restaurants is important to their overall trip experience when they travel too. The most startling find was that 73 per cent of Indians have already planned or are planning a gastronomic getaway in 2017 to a place specifically to try out its famous food. That’s great news for restaurants and the food industry in general which benefits heavily from travel and tourism. Also Read - Is There Really a Link Between Obesity And Depression?

Tripadvisor recently announced its Travellers’ Choice Awards for top restaurants around the world. These awards recognized 528 restaurants including top 25 fine dining in the world. They have also released dedicated lists for Asia, Canada, Europe, India, Mexico, South America, South Pacific, Britain and the US.


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