Monsoon in Mumbai leaves several dreading the annual shutting down of train services, but we are also kinda looking forward to taking that day off and making the most out of it. Mumbai offers several options for single-day picnics but if it’s waterfalls you’re looking for, you may have to travel a little bit more. Here are five of our favorite waterfalls near Mumbai that really just come alive during the rains.

1. Bhivpuri Waterfalls

Photograph Courtesy: selvin kurian/Creative Commons

Photograph Courtesy: selvin kurian/Creative Commons

Bhivpuri waterfall is situated near Karjat, Mumbai. If you do not want to travel too far, this is the best choice for a good waterfall experience. People in large numbers flock to this place to take the pleasures of soaking in the majestic waterfall of Bhivpuri. With such perfect and untouched environs, take the pleasures of mother nature’s magic peacefully.

How to get there:  Get into a Karjat-bound train from the central line and get down at Karjat. Walk towards the auto stand in the east and take a rickshaw to your destination.

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2. Randha Falls

Photograph courtesy: Nagraj Salian/ Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Nagraj Salian/ Creative Commons

Randha falls which is situated near Igatpuri, very close to Lake Arthur Hill is the 3rd largest waterfall in the country. Bhandardara region gets its main source of hydropower from Randha falls.  Cloud capped mountains; milky white water flowing in full vigor, this place gives you a feeling of being embraced by Mother Nature. You can also head to the forest area which is nearby and you have to pay an entry fee. The best time to visit this waterfall is during the monsoons, so make sure to not skip this opportunity this monsoon.

How to get there: The nearest railway station to Bhandardara is Igatpuri at about 35 km distance. From Bhandaradar, it takes about 10 to 12 minutes to reach Randha falls.

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3. Pandavkada Falls

Ask any Mumbaikar for one of the best waterfall and Pandavkada is sure to be mentioned. Situated in the middle of the lush Pandavkada hills, the waterfall here is grandiose and beautiful. Cascading during monsoons, this is one waterfall near Mumbai that many people love to visit.

How to get there: Located in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, this is yet another very easily accessible waterfall. Kharghar is a railways station along the city’s harbour line. Hop off the train and hire an auto-rickshaw. The Pandavkada Falls are approximately 9 km from the railway station.

4. Malshej

Photograph courtesy: Pranav Prakash/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Pranav Prakash/Creative Commons

The tranquil surroundings of Malshej Ghat are what attract people to it in large numbers. One of the best getaways during monsoons, Malshej Ghat is known for its seasonal waterfalls. Malshej is a trekkers’ haven with several trails crisscrossing the landscape that is dotted with more waterfalls than you could have asked for!

How to get there:  The closest railway station to Malshej is Kalyan (86 km). Regular bus services connect Malshej to Kalyan. It usually takes about an hour and a half to reach Malshej from Kalyan.

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5. Vangani Falls

Also known as Bhagirath waterfalls, Vangani witnesses torrential downpour with beautifully gushing waterfalls. With hardly any crowd, you can visit this place with your friends for a private, fun-filled trip. This place is like a little piece of heaven on earth.

How to get there:  Vangani is situated in the CST-Karjat railway line.  A very small railway station, it takes about two-and-a-half hours to reach Vangani from Mumbai.  By road, you can reach Vangani through Airoli-Sheelfata-Badlapur MIDC route.