maldives dne

The summer months of May and June, just before the onset rains, are perfect to visit the heaven of Azure Ocean: Maldives. Visit these spectacular coral reef islands in this shoulder season to escape from the touristy crowds. Also, you get the best deals on resorts, food and sightseeing during this period. As Indian tourists, visa rules and regulations for the Maldives are pretty relaxed. Here are a few things, pertaining to visa, which you must keep in mind before embarking on a trip to these magical islands.


In order to enter the Maldives, Indian nationals do not require a pre-visa arrival and can safely get a tourist visa valid for 90 days on arrival.


You will be given a Maldives Tourist Form at the airport which needs to be filled in with appropriate details. Make sure you carry the following documents that you need to submit along with the form.

a) Valid Passport for the duration of your stay is required by Indian nationals

b) Appropriately signed and completed form

c) One latest passport sized colored photograph mentioned in the form which should be 35mm in width and 44 mm in length and it should be absolutely clear.

d) Confirmed reservation of the hotel or Name of the hotel where you are to stay

e) Valid Tickets for Onward destination or confirmed return tickets

f) Photocopies of important documents such as bank statements


Though there are no fees required for the visa, you must carry minimum funds of $100 per person, for every day you stay in the Maldives.


Lastly, you must have a confirmed returned ticket.

With the above-mentioned documents, you are all set to go to this adventurous, marvelous and quaint destination.