Several countries in the world like United States, Canada, Australia and The Netherlands have legalized marijuana as a practice to curb drug abuse. And now, for the first time, an Indian Minister has suggested that we do the same in India. Women and Child Development minister Maneka Gandhi suggested at a Group of Ministers (GoM) meeting that since developed countries like USA have already legalized marijuana resulting in reduction in drug abuse, it may not be a bad way to go for India too. It is worth noting that while marijuana is not legal in India, there are several places in India where the marijuana culture is pretty active, mostly among tourists. Most of these places are popular tourist attractions where visitors often smoke up. If you are a tourist traveling in India, you are bound to run into some places where you may witness an active marijuana culture. Some of these happen to be the cheapest backpacking destinations of India. Also Read - Marathi Language Day 2020: Govt to Table Bill For Making Marathi Compulsory in Schools Today


Goa-weed Also Read - Indians Onboard Quarantined Cruise-liner Will be Back Soon: Envoy

Goa receives the most number of foreign as well as Indian tourists all year round. There are a number of places across Goa tucked away between hillocks and lush green forests. This is where you can find backpackers, hippies and young tourists enjoying their joints. Goa is one of the few places i India where you can just be yourself without turning heads. Be it lighting up a joint or indulging in some mushy display of romance with your partner, Goa is the best place for those who want to truly be free. Also Read - Sara Ali Khan Rides Modified Tuk-Tuk as Brother Ibrahim Ali Khan Sits Back During Goa Vacay, Pictures go Viral

Parvati Valley


One of the most popular mountain getaways in India, Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh is an absolute favorite with Israeli tourists in India. Places like Kasol are known to be chill vacation spots where it is common to see groups of tourists enjoying their joints. A number of people visit Kasol merely to find some peace amidst nature and smoke marijuana to relieve them of the stress of their busy daily life. Parvati Valley also has the reputation for being home to the world’s best has (charas).


Diwali lights in CST, Mumbai

CST, Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams and the land of Bollywood. The western suburbs are home to a number of actors, aspiring actors, and artists who are quite liberal about weed usage. Visit any hep-and-happening place in the suburbs or even in south Mumbai for that matter and you are likely to run into a few people with joints. While it is all very discreet, you may end up spotting the weed culture here if you keep your eyes open.



One of the quaint, lesser-explored but beautiful places of India, Mawphlang is a hidden gem in the East Khasi Hills of the northeastern state of Meghalaya. It briefly made news when PM Narendra Modi played the drums on his Mawphlang visit. With lush greenery all around and no tourist crowds to bother you, Mawphlang is considered a great place for tourists to smoke up. You are likely to run into some backpackers or locals enjoying their joints in the beautiful Sacred Forest located here.


The streets of Pondicherry

The streets of Pondicherry

Known for its spiritual ambiance, the former French colony of Pondicherry is one of the few places in India where you can find a fine blend of rich culture, splendid weather and marvelous architecture. It is the abode of backpackers and attracts those who are looking for a quiet and relaxing getaway. This is what also makes it a place suited for those who enjoy a bit of marijuana to take their minds on a spiritual journey.

Disclaimer: We do not propagate the use of marijuana or suggest that the places mentioned above produce or sell weed. We have merely put forth our observation that these places have developed a reputation since they are likely to have tourists who smoke marijuana.