With the monsoon here, plenty of people are talking about monsoon getaways. They want to head to the mountains, now lush green and covered in clouds, or head to the beach, where they get to see the dark monsoon clouds meet the sea. Even exploring the city becomes more enjoyable with the rains. But if you don’t really like the rains and find your wanderlust get dampened by the monsoon, how about a trip outside the country? It is an option that plenty of travelers are considering. According to experts at Gofro, MakeMyTrip and Kayak, short-haul destinations continue to be popular options for Indian travelers, but many more people are traveling to both short and long haul destinations in the monsoon. Here are the monsoon destinations that are seeing the highest growth. ALSO READ: Fastest-growing Monsoon Holiday Destinations in India
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Bali, Indonesia



Bali’s monsoon thankfully starts around October, which means that this tropical island is all sun and sand while India gets drenched. The palm-fringed beaches of Kuta and Nusa Dua and the more hidden beaches of Bingin and Uluwatu are the perfect contrast to the rain-soaked cities and roads in India. And if the beaches, bars and parties do not convince you, there are the spectacular temples, many of which lie amidst the sea or at the edge of cliffs overlooking the sea. You have also active volcanoes that you can trek up to, waterfalls and beautiful canyons and caves to explore. Also Read - Ms. & Mrs. Gorgeous Worldwide Beauty Pageant to be Held in Bali in May

Krabi, Thailand


Located at the southern end of Thailand, the province of Krabi is another beach paradise. But this time it’s not just one island; it’s 154! That’s probably one of the reasons why people keep coming here. There is so much to see and do in Krabi, and June-July is a good time to visit too, if you don’t mind the heat. Carry sunscreen and enjoy the view of the limestone cliffs, or go island hopping via long-tail boat or speed boat. Chicken Island, Tup Island, Poda Island, you won’t find a shortage of islands to explore here. You can go swimming in the clear green waters around the islands, though July is typically a lean season in Krabi. This means that food and accommodation is cheap, but activities like snorkeling may be closed in places until November. ALSO READ: The ultimate 10-day Thailand tour package!
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Toronto, Canada



Toronto, by some accounts, is not the first place that travelers would explore in Canada. Vancouver and Montreal have enjoyed more mainstream popularity, but Indians seem to be catching onto the fact that this city by shore of Lake Ontario has plenty to offer. Despite the fact that reaching Toronto takes around 18 hours from Delhi or Mumbai, this city has been seeing an increasing number of Indian travelers during the monsoon. July is also considered peak season in Toronto, but there is something magical about exploring the city when it is at its busiest. There are plenty of places to see here, like the iconic CN Tower, the new Legoland attraction, the open-air Toronto zoo, Kensington Market, or the Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Centre.




From the cultural hot pot that is Toronto, we promptly move back to the tropical islands of Seychelles. With 115 islands under the nation, Seychelles is often compared to its fellow African island nation of Mauritius, which is just a two and a half hour flight away. And while the island of Mauritius has more sights to see, Seychelles is all about island hopping, like Krabi. July and August are some of the driest months in Seychelles too, so although you may find some overcast skies occasionally, your time in the islands will be a nice break from the Indian monsoon. The beaches are exquisite, with soft white sand gently nuzzled by the turquoise waters and lush green hills and rocky boulders in the backdrop. The Anse Marron, Anse Source d’Argent, Anse Lazio and Anse Takamaka are among the most popular beaches here.

Seoul, South Korea



Another big favorite among Indian travelers in the monsoon seems to be Seoul, and it’s understandable why, and no we are not just talking about recording your own version of ‘Gangnam Style’ (which you should totally do). The centuries-old capital city, located in a mountain valley, has plenty of cultural landmarks and historical monuments where you can learn about the history of the region. Ancient temples, walls and palaces still stand, open to all those interested in learning about Seoul’s and Korea’s legacy. But this is no ancient city either, with an incredible party scene and the highest of high streets for going on a shopping spree. The monsoon months of June to August are not the best time to visit Seoul, though. There is heavy rainfall, humidity and high travel costs. However, there are some festivals that happen in Seoul during this period that make it worth visiting the vibrant city. NOW READ: Top 10 fashion capitals of the world to shop in!

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