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For those making travel plans to visit their favorite destinations across the country, one of the biggest questions is – when will the rains pick up in India? June is a tricky month when it comes to the monsoon season in India. Some years see heavy rainfall in the beginning of June while there are some years when the rains don’t take full swing until the last week. So, what’s the case with 2017? When will it start raining heavily in India in 2017? (ALSO SEE Monsoon holidays in India: Most searched places in India for monsoon 2017) Also Read - Places to Visit near Delhi in Monsoon 2018

So far this year, we have only seen slight drizzles and not any major downpours which means that monsoon is picking up a bit slowly in 2017. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), rains are expected to pick up rapidly from Friday, June 23. The IMD released a statement saying that monsoon is likely to intensify its advancement in Central and North India later this week. According to IMD Director General KJ Ramesh monsoon is hovering around Valsad in South Gujarat on the western side and Bengal on the eastern side. Although there has been a lull so far, Director General KJ Ramesh expects the rain to pick up pace from June 23 and subsequent five days thereafter. The entire Central Maharashtra and Vidharbha are covered by monsoon which is great news for those looking for a welcome respite from the heat as well as those looking to explore tourist areas in the region which becomes lush green during the monsoons. CHECK OUT 13 stunning photographs that perfectly capture the spirit of monsoon in India Also Read - DOs and DON'Ts for Going on a Monsoon Trek

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According to Director General KJ Ramesh, rain has also covered a little portion of Madhya Pradesh, South Chhattisgarh on the western side and Bengal, parts of Odisha and parts of Jharkhand on the east. A western disturbance seems to be diverting rains to Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana too. To sum things up, the IMD said, “Favorable conditions are developing for further advance of southwest monsoon into some more parts of Chhattisgarh, Vidarbha, remaining parts of Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, some parts of east Madhya Pradesh and east Uttar Pradesh during next 2-3 days”. For those of you waiting for the monsoons to kick in so that you can take off on your getaways and monsoon vacations, you should start planning soon. It’s time to explore the gushing waterfalls, lush green grasslands, cool breeze and wonderful landscapes that the monsoon season in India presents to its travelers. NOW SEE Monsoon holidays 2017: Best monsoon holiday places in India for family vacations

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