There is something extremely alluring about tree tunnels. They are the best representatives of natural beauty that enchants you. The idea of walking through lovely, colorful trees is so refreshing that it warms your heart at once. One look at these wonderful tunnels and you can’t stop yourself from dreaming of being transported to these mesmerizing destinations. The world is blessed with a number of tree tunnels that look too beautiful to be real. But they do exist! (ALSO SEE 25 most beautiful places on earth that should be on your bucket list!) Here are some of the best tree tunnels across the world that you must visit at least once. Also Read - Real Kashmir Announce Partnership With Oxford United Football Club, Sign Arsenal Youth Defender Kashif Siddiqui

An autumn tree tunnel in Tuscany’s Maremma

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The famous tunnel of love in Ukraine

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The popular tunnel-like avenue of intertwined beech trees called Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

Dark hedges

A eucalyptus tree tunnel in Koloa Town of Hawaii’s Kauai


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The great wisteria flower arch in Japan’s Kawachi Fuji garden


Blooming Jacaranda trees lining Milton Avenue in Zimbabwe’s Harare


Pink tree tunnel at Nami Island in Korea

Pink Korea

Tunnel of intertwined Yew trees or Taxus baccata in Ireland

Yew Ireland

Jacaranda tree avenues in Johannesburg


Bamboo Forest tunnel in Japan’s Arashiyama in Kyoto

Japan Bamboo

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