dow hill kurseong Also Read - Most Haunted: Meet The Lady in White at Sanjay Van in Delhi

Our India’s most haunted series is back with a new spooky tale for you. After telling you about Three Kings Church in Goa that is haunted by three spirits, and other tales of Rajasthan’s Bhangarh Fort and the Mukesh Mills in Mumbai, we have something new for you today. Darjeeling is a popular hill station in West Bengal but about 30 km away from it lies Kurseong which has Dow Hill, an area that is supposedly haunted by many spirits. Also Read - India's most haunted: Janki Bandh in Goa

Just like the Sanjay Van in Delhi, this region is popular for its eeriness that is quite evident in the forest and the surrounding area. According to locals, the forest has several spirits that roam around freely and you can feel their presence if you take a walk here in the evening. People have also spotted a headless boy who runs and disappears into the woods, and they claim that whoever spots him cannot forget him. Also Read - Most Haunted: 6 Hotels in India Which Guarantee You Sleepless Nights!

There are also tales about a lady whose spirit roams here. But just like Goa’s Janki Badh Bridge, spirits of many children haunt the Victoria Boys High School. This school is over a century old and even during vacations, locals can hear footsteps and shrieks of children coming from within the empty premises. Now doesn’t that send a chill down your spine?

Kurseong is a hill-station with a pleasant climate all year round with tea gardens and a toy train for sightseeing. But a web search of this place will mostly give you results of its haunted tales rather than talk about its natural beauty. If you dare to go here, you can visit sights such as the Kettle Valley, the Kholas Waterfalls and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Museum.