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We may not always know whether a place is really haunted or if it is a rumour that spread like wildfire and everyone now believes it to be the truth. Several spooky places in India and around the world are known for the eeriness that surrounds them, the feeling that there is something supernatural and someone who can’t be seen but felt. While people claim to see ghosts at a few places, today we tell you about a house in Hyderabad that is believed to be haunted. Also Read - India's Most Haunted: Aarey Milk Colony in Mumbai Will Give You The Creeps!

Located in the Kundanbagh area, this house has a peculiar story behind it. According to the story, a burglar went into the house to loot the owners but when he entered the house, he found the dead bodies of three women there. A mother and her two daughters who lived here. He panicked and informed the police about it. Upon further investigation, it was found that the women had been dead for almost six months. Also Read - Be Warned! Drive Down These 10 Haunted Roads in India Only if You Must!

Despite this fact, there were no reports or inquiries about them by the neighbours or locality people. It was also because these women had weird rituals that they would perform every night. The three would light candles and walk around the house. They would also have bottles filled with what looked like blood that they would hang in the verandah. The mother would often scare people off with her antics. Thus, no one really interacted with them.

Some stories also suggest that the neighbors were in for a shock when they heard that the three had died so many months ago as they claimed to have seen them in the balcony every now and then! How much of it is true and how much is just rumour, we can’t say. But we can tell you that ever since the story came out, this house is on the list of most haunted places in India. Would you dare to go here?