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Haunted tales and the fear of the unknown continue to intrigue the human mind. In our series of haunted stories in India, we have told you several such places that are believed to be the base of supernatural activities and beings. There is the famous Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan where no one is allowed post-sunset. There is also Ramoji Film City where several hotel rooms are believed to be haunted. Don’t forget the Shaniwar Wada in Pune and Sanjay Van in Delhi. And just like no one dares to stay post dark at Writers’ Building in Kolkata, we have another office that is believed to be haunted. Today, we tell you about the Karkardooma Court in Delhi. Also Read - Most Haunted: Top 10 Places in Kolkata That Will Scare The Living Daylights Out of You!

The office that is busy with lawyers all day, takes an eerie turn in the evening once people leave. The employees working there themselves have felt and seen spirits roam in the office so much so that a couple of years ago, it became a big sensation in the media too. CCTV cameras were installed in the office to see if they can catch any spooky activities on tape and they sure did! Video footage shows strange things taking place in the office in the wee hours. A white figure can be seen emerging from the walls, computers switch on on their own, drawers open up and files fly out. All this was captured on tape.

According to the employees, they have seen spirits roaming in the office even during the working hours but believe they are harmless. A team of paranormal experts too were called in to investigate more on the matter and did say that there was some supernatural present in the office premises. Spooky isn’t it?