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Most Indians prefer having a grand wedding ceremony. Wedding functions these days are more about status symbol and following the latest trends. Parents put in their best to ensure that their kid gets married in the grandest manner. From hunting for the right location to looking for photographers, decorators, wedding planners, there is a lot of effort that goes in to organizing one wedding ceremony. Indian weddings especially are all about days of fun, traditions and different functions. While there are some who get married privately, there are also others (a large number) who prefer getting married in the typical Indian way. And for many years now, destination weddings have become a trend. People prefer traveling to other cities to host a grand wedding ceremony. While there are also some who go an extra mile and plan their wedding in a different country altogether, but if you do not have that kinda budget, you can plan a destination wedding within India. If you do belong to the same category and are willing to throw an extravagant wedding ceremony but not go overboard, there are some really stunning places within India that are ideal for a wedding ceremony. With a plethora of options for  the perfect venues and also because India is such a beautifully diverse place, the chances of you getting confused are high. However, we have listed down some of the most preferred wedding venues in India that will never go out of trend. Snowy mountains, sun kissed beaches or alluring backwaters, whatever may be your wish, you can get your wedding done just as you have always dreamed of. These wedding destinations have always been the favorite among people for a reason. Read to find more. Also Read - Haryana News: Shopping Malls Except in Faridabad, Gurugram Can Reopen; Restaurants at 50% Capacity

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Jaipur, famously known as the pink city of India is one of the most preferred destination for weddings. If royal wedding is your idea of marriage, then Jaipur is where you should be. Jaipur has hosted several weddings of celebrities from all over the world. Jaipur is abundant in forts and palaces and that makes way for a royal wedding. Feel nothing less than a princess and get married in any of the beautiful forts of Jaipur. Raj Palace, Samode Palace and Gold Palace are some of the many stunning palaces in Jaipur that are ideal for your dreamy wedding. A wedding in Jaipur will offer you the right blend of heritage, elegance and lavishness. You will not be required to spend a lot on your decorations since the venue itself will do more than half the work of adding up beauty and charm. And if you are clueless as to how to make the most of your wedding venue, you can also consider hiring a wedding planner who will make sure that your wedding venue looks straight out of a fairy tale. It might cost you a fortune to have such a dreamy wedding, but the memories are going to be worth every penny you put in.



Another great destination for your wedding is Kerala. Kerala, like you all know is called as God’s own country and thus you can be rest assured about the scenic beauty and allure that this state will treat you to. The backwaters, houseboats, lush environs and picturesque landscapes will give you a wedding that will last a lifetime in your memory. The backwaters of Kerala are not just a source of living to the locals, but it is also one of those several reasons as to why tourists from all over flock to this beautiful state. There can be no better place than this for your wedding that will happen amidst nature. And because Kerala is also one of the most visited tourist destinations of India, you do not have to find other ways of keeping your guests entertained. There are many sightseeing spots that your guests can explore in free time. The stunning backdrop of Kerala is perfect for a wedding ceremony. Varakala, Kovalam, Allepey or Munnar, you can host a memorable wedding at any of these places that are rich in beaches, backwaters and even sprawling tea plantations. And if you want a touch of heritage that also offers breathtaking views, Kochi fort is another great option.

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands


If you want the beginning for your life to be a blissful and romantic one, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is where you should be. Exchanging vows amidst breathtaking landscapes and stunning views of the sea, your wedding will only get better. The favorable climate of these places is also a good enough reason for you to consider Andaman and Nicobar Islands as your wedding destination. Away from the city madness and the usual wedding halls, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an absolute coastal paradise. The idyllic, sun kissed beaches and the dense forests in attractions like Havelock Island or the Ross Island are ideal for a dreamy destination wedding. This is certainly one of the most scenic and thus also the most preferred wedding venues of India. Your guests are sure to be left awe struck for they can not only be a part of your big day but also be treated to a holiday. Also let us tell you, that Andaman and Nicobar Islands are also one of the most preferred destinations for honeymoon. S after you are done with all your wedding ceremonies, you can take a couple of days off from all the madness that ensued and spend some quiet moments in this very place.  Unwind and relax by the beaches to get the much needed break, which we are sure ever newly married couple craves for.


Shimla is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Thus it is also the most agreeable wedding destination. It is quite unlikely that anybody would say a not to Shimla. If you want to witness heaven on earth, Shimla is the place to be. The snow capped mountains of Shimla, quaint villages, rolling hills and a pleasant climate- this place is a flawlessly set up wedding venue. And if you have a summer wedding, then Shimla should definitely be in your list of wedding destinations. Not only will you get respite from the city heat m but you can also gift your guests a small holiday. And already being such a romantic place, you are going to have the time of your life exchanging vows and tying the knot right in the middle of untouched nature. If you have always dreamt of having a fancy yet romantic wedding in the Himalayas, Shimla won’t cease to impress. The beautiful colonial houses add to the charm of the already scenic location. Since Shimla is a tourist destination, you also do not have to worry about the exact location of your wedding. There are plethoras of resorts that organize some of the best wedding parties. Radisson hotel and also Woodville Palace are two of the most popular resorts that are known to organize wedding ceremonies. Just make sure that consider Shimla only if you are planning to have a summer wedding, else you and your guests will literally freeze in the cold.


Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel, Jodhpur

Who doesn’t dream of a royal wedding? We think, everybody does and few get to make it happen. So while you are busy dreaming, let us tell you that Jodhpur is another great wedding destination in Rajasthan that brings life to any wedding ceremony. One of the many reasons why people travel all the way to Jodhpur is to view the magnificent of the stunning Umaid Bhavan that is a beautiful and lavish palace hotel. Now that you have already decided on splurging, you can very go that extra mile to ensure you have a extravagant wedding that is more like a dream come true for you. Apart from Umaid Bhavan that serves as a perfect wedding place, there are several others venues in Jodhpur where you can get married with the love of your life. The Ranbaka Palace, Mehrangarh fort and Ajit Bhawan are some of the many options for your venue. Most of these venues offer breathtaking views of the blue city, what more can you ask for on your wedding day. The Thar Desert, intricately built havelis and the gardens are some of the other beautiful locations. Hire a wedding planner to make sure nothing goes wrong on your wedding. They will take care of all the decoration and other things. You can also think of a theme wedding or just go for the traditional style Indian wedding.

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udaipur palace view

Every girl dreams of her wedding to be absolutely flawless and special. Parents, put in efforts day and night to give their child the best. From choosing the right location to the decoration and mandaps and wedding props, there is a lot that goes into an Indian wedding. But if you choose the right destination for your wedding, half the problems will be automatically solved. And one such place is the beautiful lake city of Udaipur. The third city in Rajasthan, Udaipur is also doesn’t fall shirt with regards to the magnificence and lavishness. It is one of the most renowned wedding destinations of India and why not, if traditional wedding is your thing Udaipur is where you should be at. The city has several palaces all built in modern styles. The Taj Palace and the Leela palace is palace hotels built using contemporary architecture and also host some of the best weddings. This place has always been a favorite to tourists, both Indian and International. The tradition of the city and the modernity of the hotel form a perfect combination of culture and present-day trends. With such a picturesque backdrops and a great royal ambiance, walking down the aisle in the premises of any of these hotels is sure to make you feel like a princess. Apart from these modern day palace hotels, you can also choose other venues in Udaipur like Manek Chowk, Devi Garh, Durbar Hall and Oberoi Udaivilas among several others.

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Tying the knot and taking the saat pheras in a hill station, how does this idea sound? Perfect, right? Mussoorie is a quaint hill station in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. Now who hasn’t ever heard of the beauty and allure that this hill station has. Imagine celebrating the biggest day of your life in a place that has stunning views of the Doon valley, rolling hills, attractive sunset views and clear skies. If you are a city dweller, you do know that these are sights worth dying for. The valley looks great at any time of the year and on your special day the place is bound to looks ten folds beautiful with that twinkle in your eyes. Mussoorie being a perfect picturesque location, you are sure to get stunning pictures of your wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, your guests will also have a great time in the company of untouched nature. The best time to get married here is during summers when the climate is pretty favorable and soothing. Avoid monsoon wedding in Mussoorie and winters too when the region receives snowfall. The Royal Orchid Fort Resort and the JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa are two of the best resorts where you can get married and maybe also get a out of the box pre wedding shoot done. Scenic location, pleasant climate and stunning landscapes are the advantages of bringing in your big day at this beautiful and charming hill station.



Goa is one of the most happening places of India. Whether it is celebrating your bachelor party, birthdays or weddings and even honeymoon, Goa never ceases to impress. With so many beaches and ancient forts and churches, there is no dearth of wedding venues in Goa. You can either hold a private wedding ceremony at a church or organize an absolute fun filled wedding on the beaches of Goa. This place definitely has to be one of the most unsurpassed destinations for wedding. The charisma and appeal of Goa is such that it can instantly attract anyone. As the old saying goes, marriages are made in heaven, we agree to it; but if the celebrations are shared with loved ones amidst the beauty of Goan beaches, then the experience if one of a kind. This place is not just a favorite among couples, but it is also a favorite among wedding photographers. The ancient forts, spectacular resorts and awe striking sunsets are pure delight to photographers which also means that you will have some really good pictures to take back home from your wedding in Goa. You can also get all your pre wedding functions done here especially cocktails and sangeet night. The vibe of this place is enough to set the mood. Taj, Lela, Park Hyatt in Goa and also Radisson Resorts are some of the many venues in Goa where you can celebrate the beginning of your married life. Break away from the norm of a boring and traditional wedding and instead host a ceremony that you along with your guests will never forget.

And if you also want to take some time off from all the wedding madness post your ceremony, you can also book a room in any of these resorts and spend a mini honeymoon here.

So now whenever there is a wedding planning taking place with regards to the destination, for you or your close ones, you know what places to suggest and consider.  The scenic views of each of these locations is enough to leave you all awe struck. And trust us, it isn’t too difficult to select these destinations- such is their beauty!

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