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It’s Saturday, and Mother’s Day is tomorrow, 14 May. Are you still wondering what gift to get for her? It’s the least that you can do, after everything that she has given you in these years. She’s given you the gift of life, the least you can do is give her something that will make life easier for her. All you need to do is think about what her life is like. If she is into fitness, a handy gym bag or a pair of sneakers for jogging would do fine. If she is a culinary god, you could buy some kitchen appliance or product that would make it easier for her to cook delicacies. But if you have a mom who travels a lot, for work or otherwise, we have some recommendations for you. ALSO READ: This Mother’s Day, take her away on a holiday
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You can never have too many sunglasses, and there are just so many options to choose from. Just remember that the shape of the sunglasses depends on the shape of the wearer’s face. It’s best to take your mother with you to find the best fitting and most functional sunglasses. Good fitting translates to a more stylish look and better coverage. For instance, round-faced people are best off with sunglasses with sharp angles, like rectangular, square or wrap sunglasses.

A trolley bag

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If your mother is need for a new bag, why not use the opportunity to get her one? A trolley bag would be a great idea here; it removes the risk of back problems that a regular backpack would cause, and it is convenient to carry around. Just make sure you opt for a trolley bag with wheels that can twist 360 degrees. This is for easier movement and greater control over the bag. Stiff wheels can often cause a heavy bag to veer off path and possibly hit someone or something. You also get some bags with retractable handles and shoulder straps.


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Another great gift idea for Mother’s Day is a set of headphones, perfect for making long journeys or trains or flights go more smoothly. Music is the best company for travel, though the type of headset would differ from one person to another. Some prefer an over-the-head headphone for their comfort, while others prefer in-ear headphones for their small size, convenience and subtlety. Some travelers prefer noise-cancelling earphones, but others may prefer to stay more aware and less insulated from their surroundings. Depending on what your mother prefers, choose a pair that matches her needs. ALSO READ: 5 fun things to do in Mumbai with your mum

Power bank

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One of the best gifts for a traveler, power banks are almost essential these days, given how much we use our mobile phones. These batteries are just around the size of your phone but let you charge your phone, tablet or even your camera. A 10,000 to 30,000 mAh power bank would be good enough for most cases. If your mother is on her phone or tablet almost all the time, this is a perfect gift. Purchase a power bank that is small enough to fit anywhere but rugged enough to withstand the rigors of travel.

A foldable hat

A young woman wearing a hat is walking in the streets of an asian countryA young woman wearing a hat is walking in the streets of an asian country

With the summer sun shining as bright as it can, your mom would need to protect her face and eyes. A hat is the perfect way to do that while also look pretty cool, in the beach, city or jungles. The best kinds of hats are those that can fold or flatten to fit inside the suitcase so that your mother does not have to keep it separate. When needed, she can just whip it out and wear it to beat the heat and keep her face protected. Pair this with the sunglasses, and you have a great gift combo for Mother’s Day. NOW SEE: Mother’s Day 2017: 10 places to take your mom for a vacation this weekend

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