Mount Harriet National Park in Port Blair, Andamans, is one of the unmissable attractions; it is known for its conservation of flora and fauna, and also offers some of the most enviable views for miles around, being on a mountain peak. It is a recreational park as well, having swings and watch towers and other such equipment, and long trails through which one can walk, trek or take gorgeous photographs. It provides a peek into neighbouring islands, and is a popular haunt for exotic birds, and, consequently, bird watchers. Andaman wild pigs and robber crabs are other notable animal species to be found here.

Among other things that you can do here, you can visit the nearby marine wildlife preservation and display museums; indulge in  adventure sports activities and participate in underwater tourism. Mt. Harriet National Park is located in the Ferargunj Tehsil area of Port Blair, the capital of the island. It can be reached via an interesting bamboo transport, popularly known as the ‘dunghi’. You must remember to visit the well-known lighthouse nearby, as well as the Havelock Islands, popular for adventure sports. Other notable attractions that you must visit around here are the Teal Bhavan; Fisheries Museum, for marine wildlife; Zoological Survey of India Museum for scientifically valuable marine wildlife exhibits; and Rajiv Gandhi water activities centre.

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A few restaurants that have a cheerful ambience and remarkable food around here are Amaya, Icy Spicy, Lighthouse restaurant and Annapurna eatery.

Andamans have agreeable climate through most of the year, though the summers tend to be hot like any typical Indian tropical summer. Monsoons get problematic too because rains get in the way of sightseeing, and are dangerous for underwater and other types of tourisms as well. Therefore, the best time to visit is in the winter season, from November to May.

The Andamans can be reached both via air and water; the closest airport is one in Port Blair, connected to Delhi and Kolkata through domestic flights. By cruise, Andaman is connected to Vizag and Chennai.