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If you like your paan and are excited to try new flavours, this one is for you. This paanwaala has created a unique paan- the flaming paan.  It might look like eating this fire pan might be risky, but the maker of this paan believes otherwise. It does require guts to eat this amalgamation of herbs, ice and fire. Also Read - Eww! Doctor Pulls Out Live Cockroach Out of Chinese Woman's Ear, It Had Crawled in While She Was Asleep

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The mouth freshener seller describes how it is made with the same old paan ingredients like clove, betel nut. But before wrapping the betel leaf he lights the ingredients, folds it and places it inside the customers’ mouth. Although it looks dangerous, no one has burnt their mouth while eating fire paans. In fact, the man came up with this peculiar paan, after a customer who had mouth ulcer came to his shop and asked him for a paan with the clove inside it set to fire. This idea made the owner experiment this irresistible delicious new paan flavour.

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Although initially, people who try this are hesitant, but once they start enjoying it and they come rushing to the shop to indulge in the fire paan time and again. A word of caution, don’t move back when the paanwaala is placing the paan in your mouth. Check out the video below to see how the new craze of fire paan is taking over people.

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