For those who are looking for the best surf destination in India – look no further. It is none other than Mulki, about 29km from Mangalore in Karnataka. This is where the first Indian surf school was set up, and there’s been no looking back since. That’s because Mulki beach is one of the safest beaches in India; there aren’t any dangerous sea creatures, no rocks or corals – just a nice, soft sandy beach. Also Read - Riding Without Helmet in Karnataka to Now Cost Three-Month Suspension of Driving Licence | All You Need to Know

It’s a paradise for beginners because it not only has a conducive environment for learning but also some of the best certified trainers. The ocean water is great throughout the year, except for the brief bout of monsoon when its best to not venture into the ocean to learn surfing. Also Read - Torrential Rains: Flood-Like Situation in Maharashtra, Karnataka; 50 Dead in Telangana | Highlights

Mulki beach gets waves that are between 2-3 feet and in good shape; just ideal for a surfer to enjoy the spirit of the sport. Neither are the waves too big that you get discouraged to surf the first time, or too small that you don’t feel the kick to learn. The classes are mainly conducted (but not limited to) during the mornings. The conditions are near perfect around then; no wind, great waves, and the sun not too intense. This is not to say that the conditions are bad the rest of the day.

Also, the fact that this beach has no road access, means that only a few fishermen have access to this beach and regular beach clean up programs are conducted by the local community and students under the banner of Surfing Swami Foundation. Which means it’s not buzzing with people all the time and is fairly clean.

Mulki offers other adventure activities like kayaking, paddling boarding, cycling, yoga, boating and a lot more at the training centre called the Mantra Surf Club and what makes it interesting is that the sport is taught by a bunch of Krishna devotees (most of them teenagers) in their Ashram which is on the banks of Shambhavi river.