Located close to Pune and Lonavala, Mulshi is a great place for a quick day trip or a weekend getaway. The drive to this ghat is as scenic as it gets, and to make the most of your road trip, taking your friends along is highly recommend.

One of the top attractions of Mulshi is the luscious Mulshi Dam; a great spot for trekking, bird-watching or even photography. The area around the dam is dotted with forts, bridges, waterfalls and Sahyadri’s deep forests.

The Dhangad and Koraigadh Forts are especially a delight, a visit to them are a must. A nearby village called Valanewadi, about 6km from Mulshi affords the most stunning views of the Sahyadri, the lovely Ratnagiri hills and the Hattohant and Pagota mountain ranges, some of which are almost 4,000 feet high.

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If you want an added streak of adventure, head to Lavmal Plateau, for the most surreal panoramic view of the whole of Mulshi. Also, Tamhini Ghats deserves a visit too; flanked by a steep cliff on one side and a deep valley on the other. You can also pay a visit to the century old Vanjai Mata Temple; the road to it snaking its way through scenic valleys and gorgeous cliffs.

While the best time to visit Mulshi is during the monsoons because one gets to see many waterfalls on the way, it is actually a year-round destination ideal for a quick escape. The Mulshi Lake is where you can go for camping; you can take the help of providers for a ready-made camp set-up or pitch your own tents. An evening spent camping here with a barbecue, a bonfire and some friends for company is highly recommended. Also, opt for boating in the marvellous lake, with a cocktail-coloured sunset in the background for company.