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Mumbai is often called many things, the city of dreams, the city that never sleep, maximum city but what about being unsafe for women? Though Delhi is more likely to feature on the unsafe list, the fact is, there are several spots in the city that are not safe for women. A team from Mumbai Police identified several of these places and pointed out that there are as many as 437 isolated spots. While this number is lower than the one in 2013 which was 600 isolated spots, it is still higher and needs to urgently come down. According to their list, we shortlisted seven spots that should not be visited late at night since they are often secluded or dimly-lit and can be unsafe for women. Also Read - Two New Species of Jumping Spider 'Onyx' & 'Lacteus' Found in Mumbai's Aarey Milk Colony

1. Old mill compounds

There are several of these mill compounds in central suburbs of Mumbai that are either secluded or have been converted to offices. Even so, they are usually vacant late at night and you’d be safer avoiding these. Also Read - India's Most Haunted: Aarey Milk Colony in Mumbai Will Give You The Creeps!

2. South Mumbai subways

The subways are a good bet when you want to avoid crossing the road and get quickly from one end to the other. But it is safer to take the road if it is too late in the night as there have been cases of theft and mugging in these dimly-lit subways.

3. Chowpatty

Yes, this too has been identified as an unsafe spot for women by the Mumbai police team. So steer clear of Chowpatty late at night.

4. Aarey Milk Colony

This beautiful colony in Goregaon gets pretty deserted at night and it is best to avoid it. Not just unsafe for women, it has also had incidents of wild animals attacking people and is also believed to be haunted.

5. Skywalks

There are several skywalks in the city but the ones on the western and central suburbs have been listed as unsafe ones for women in the night.

6. Under-construction buildings

There are several ongoing real estate projects in the city where construction workers do their job during the day. But these can be unsafe at night as there is hardly anyone here at night and not much security or lighting too.

7. South Mumbai bylanes

South Mumbai maybe one of the most posh areas of the island city but it also has several bylanes that are unlit or dimly lit. These have been marked unsafe for women at night. Even the ones around central suburbs should be avoided.