One would think that the Mumbai-Pune Expressway has made travel between these two cities a piece of cake. However, there are still days when the vehicular traffic on these roads is so bad that it ends up taking around 4 to 5 hours (one way) to reach Pune from Mumbai and vice versa. This may soon change thanks to a new proposal by the government transport ministry. US based company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has created a new form of passenger and freight transport called the Hyperloop and from what we see, it shows great promise to completely reinvent the way we travel. (ALSO SEE Indian Railways to invest Rs 98 billion on Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train) Also Read - Lift Lockdown Gradually to Prevent 'Second Wave' of Coronavirus, Experts Warn China As Wuhan Allows People to Travel

Hyperloop Mumbai-pune

Photograph Courtesy: Creative Commons

The Hyperloop system consists of a small pod-like vehicle that is propelled though near-vacuum sealed tubes at the a speed similar to that of an airplane. The theory is that such a pod will travel at close to 1,200 km per hour without consuming a lot of fuel and energy. With the backing of Tesla head and tech icon Elon Musk, Hyperloop seems to be on the right track to becoming a reality very soon. If all goes well, this could be the vehicle of the future! Also Read - Two Doctors of Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital Assaulted While Buying Grocery, Case Filed

Hyperloop CEO Bibop Gresta recently announced his plan to open the Mumbai-Pune link. He said that a formal proposal has already been filed with the Indian Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari. The cost of building such a system is expected to be quite high. According to an estimate, every kilometre will cost around 40 million dollars. Provided all the formalities are completed without any major roadblocks, work on the Hyperloop can begin in 36 months. Gresta believes that this amount can be made back within 8 years. Also Read - Do You Have Celiac Disease? You May Die Prematurely

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