Mumbai is possibly the only city of India that has the perfect combinations of everything. Fondly called the city of dreams and also as the maximum city, Mumbai houses the most expensive house Antillia and also the largest slums of Asia-Dharavi. And thus it comes as no surprise that Mumbai is a city for all. It welcomes people from all class and race with open arms. For Mumbaikars, you certainly know that there is a lot that one can do in Mumbai. From shopping, chilling, exploring places and even enjoying the nightlife, a minute of your time spent in Mumbai won’t go waste. Apart from all the touristy places and things to do, there are also a lot of unexplored gems in Mumbai that one must visit. If you have been planning to visit this city for some time now or already are a part of Mumbai, let us tell you there still might be some places that you haven’t explored yet. Like the many hidden streets of Mumbai and some shopping markets are some of those unexplored places. This city is an absolute delight to travelers and also for people who want to shop for some great stuff at reasonable prices. These markets of Mumbai also help Mumbai tourism a lot. The markets of Mumbai are also what attract tourists the most. We have listed down some of the best markets of Mumbai that you must explore on your visit to Mumbai. If you know how to dodge the people and wade through the crowd, then walking in some of these streets will come easily to you since they are crowded. Also Read - Amid Tensions With China, PM Speaks to Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina And UAE's Bin Zayed

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Crawford market is one of the most famous markets of Mumbai. The name Crawford was given in honor of Arthur Crawford and but it was later named as the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandal. For Mumbaikars the new name might sound strange and a bit longer so we wills tick to calling it Crawford Market. We, Mumbaikars like it that way, don’t us? Situated in South Mumbai, the Crawford market is located right opposite to the Mumbai Police headquarters and very close to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Crawford market is popular among many people for the wholesale products that it sells, including vegetables, fruits and also poultry.

Crawford market is also famous among pet lovers since they also have a section that sells pet products. Also they have a poet store and if you have been looking forward to get a dog or cat for yourself, this is where you should be. This market also has several endangered species, surprising, but yes they do have quite some illegally off course.

Crawford market is also a favorite among many bride to be since shopping here for cosmetics, jewelry and clothes comes at affordable prices. You can buy in bulk and still manage to save a lot. Cosmetic products see a lot of sales in Crawford market. You should too visit this market. The hustle bustle, buyers and sellers talking and the whole vibe gives you a glimpse of what Mumbai is exactly. This market at one point used to be one of the most important wholesale markets for fruits. However after 1996, the market was shifted to New Bombay called Navi Mumbai now.

The architecture of this market was finished in 1869 and after India got its Independence, it was renamed Mahatma Jyotirao Phule who was a social reformer of the state. And the building you see in Crawford was the first of its kind in India that had electricity. It was British architect called William Emerson who designed the Crawford Market. The structure has a mix of both Norman and Flemish architecture and the entrance of the market symbolizes Indian Farmers. You will also see fountain made of stone and this was designed by renowned Lockwood Kipling who as Rudyard Kipling’s father. The interesting part about this market is also a design that has been done in the market to ensure that the sun rays make the market brighter.

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If you are planning to visit Crawford market, let us tell you that market remains closed on Sundays usually. However, you might find few shops open, nut for a shopaholic that wouldn’t be enough. On the rest of the days, the market is open between 11 am and 8 pm. Also before you visit markets like these, make sure that you also keep some bargaining skills handy since they help a lot. You can buy clothes, cosmetics, vegetables, fruits, pet products and even toys and decorating materials. You can also buy Chinese toys and artificial jewelry.

You can reach Crawford market pretty easily. It is situated near Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and you just need to take a cab from there. There is also a parking lot allotted to people with private vehicles, but that may cost you a lot since the parking fee is hourly. But the difficult part is to find a parking spot. So it is advisable that you take the local to get here. While you visit the Crawford market, you can also go to the adjacent markets- Abdul Rehman street and also the Lohar chawl that are two of the busiest market streets. This place is apt for retailers and also wholesalers. So what are you waiting for? List down all that you want and visit this market!

Heera Panna, Haji Ali

Heera Panna is another popular market that is situated near the Mumbai’s major tourist attractions like Haji Ali and also the Mahalakshmi Tempe. Heera Panna has also been one of the most significant tourist attractions for some years. It houses wide ranges of goods like clothes, electronics and gadgets as well. You get them all at pocket friendly prices. The best place about this market is that it is an air conditioned complex. Most markets in Mumbai are street markets, but because Heera Panna has air condition, shopping becomes a lot more comfortable without any sweat. Apart from the good quality products that you find in Heera Panna, another good reason for you to be here is that, after you have finished exploring the market you can also head to the other attractions of Mumbai like the ones we mentioned above.

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Lamington Road, Grant Road

lamington road

Lamington Road as known to people of Mumbai is a market well known or its electronic goods. The official name of lamington road is Dr. Dadasaheb Bhadamkar Marg and this market was named in honor of the Governor of Bombay called Lord Lamington in the years 1903 and 1907. This official name is hardly known and called out by people. Go to any part of Mumbai and you will see that this road is called as Lamington Road and it also has another nick name called as IT hub of Mumbai. The reason why this market is popular is because of the wholesale and also retail markets that sell electronic products. Products like computer, computer parts, television, wireless equipment and also hard disks at pocket friendly prices. Usually, if you buy any electronic goods from a showroom, the prices are expensive, but you might end up finding the same product at this market at comparatively cheaper prices. So to get electronic to your home, you do not really have to burn a hole in your pocket. Lamington Road has always had a high turnover and thus these low prices do not make much difference to their profits. They not only sell latest electronic items but also old parts for radios or even transistors, cables, TV tuners, sound cards and also adaptors.

Located in Grant Road, this is where you should be if you are looking or electronic products. This street is paradise for those who love gadgets and anything that is technologically advanced. The downside of buying products like these from Lamington road is that you can buy the products without bills which also mean there are no warranty period for these products and also no guarantee. Like they say, to gain some you need to lose some. In this case, to get such good products at such lower prices, you will have to compromise on the bill or warranty.
It is pretty easy to reach Lamington road. You need to get down at Grant Road station and turn towards the right if you are coming from Church gate. If you aren’t too sure about the directions, just get down at the station and you can ask anybody. Since this is also one of the most known markets of Mumbai, everybody knows its exact location.

Hindmata, Parel


If you love traditional Indian wear, Hindamata is the place to be. It is one of the largest markets for clothing in Mumbai. Situated in Dadar, Hindmata market is visited by people from all over. This market sells beautiful readymade dresses, designer sarees, lehengas and also sherwanis. If you are getting married any time soon, you must explore Hindmata. You will be treated to a wide range of clothes all in dirt cheap cost. The market also has several shops that sell some good quality clothes. So wait no more and head straight to Hindmata and buy clothes in bulk at affordable prices. Whetehr it is your wedding or somebody else’s wedding that you have to attend; you can buy some decent looking outfits from this market without having to burning a hole in your pocket. We are sure for shopaholics, there is nothing more that they want.

Irla Market, Vile Parle

Irla Market located Vile Parle Market is another very popular market that has the popular five Alfa shops all situated on the same street. Street shopping may not be your thing, but this market in Vile Parle is something that you must definitely explore. This market is largely dominated by the chain of Alfa shops, but for those who want to go beyond these stores, there are other shops for you as well. You will also find several street vendors selling chic and pretty accessories for women like bags, hand bags, shoes and even clothes; name it and you will find them all. To resist buying so many beautiful things is going to be tough on you. All the Alfa shops specialize in different things. Alfa 1 sells food items and all types of packaged food and snacks are obviously discounted prices.

This store has some eatables that you may not find in regular stores like imported chocolates or even cheese. Alfa 2 only sells electronics like mobiles and also a small section that sells intricate pieces of jewelry. This small section also has many make up products of the most renowned brands of India, however even if they are leading brands, they still offer these products at discounted prices. Alfa 3 has home décor products and also toys and utility stuff whereas Alfa 4 is popular for selling formal clothes and Alfa 5 sells clothes only for men. So these are the five well known Alfa shops that grace the Irla market in Vile Parle. So the next time you want to buy wide variety of items from one place, you head to Irla market. This market never ceases to amaze.

Lokhandwala Market, Andheri


Have you been hunting for a perfect pair of shoes that match your outfits? Lokhandwala Market situated in Andheri is where you should go. The Lokhandwala market is definitely popular all over Mumbai, but it gets most of its popularity from the western suburbs of this city. You will find the replica of several branded products at comparatively affordable prices. The long stretch of street shops that sell beautiful outfits, footwear, home decor products and also chic accessories is what forms the market. And if hunger pangs strike after a day of tiring shopping, you will also find many restaurants and food stalls that serve some delicious food. You need to have some really good bargaining skills to get your favorite outfits or footwear at a reasonable price. This is the universes rule that applies to shopping in any street market. Located in the heart of Mumbai, the market has always attracted lots of people that are die hard shoppers and also tourists. Lokhandwala market is indeed the mecca for shopaholics. From picking the right footwear, to the perfect evening gown, this market will definitely won’t let you down. The name of the market comes from the developers of Lokhandwala Constructions Pvt. Ltd who were the first developers of the suburbs in Versova.

Abdul Rehman Street

The Abdul Rehman Street is the hub of wholesale markets in the city. Name it and you will find it here. From home decor products, to stationery and toys, the lanes of Abdul Rehman Street has it all. A.R. Street has been one of the most visited shopping markets of Mumbai. It is one of those places that reminds of you how you can do bulk shopping on a shoe string budget. In fact, ask your local shop keeper and even he might agree that the AR street s where you can buy products in cheap prices. These streets may look shady, but they are not and you can shop around safely. However, company won’t do any harm either. If you have a birthday party to attend, you can visit this street for gifts for they have a wide range of toys for sale.
The nearest railway station falls on the Western Railway in Marine lines. From here it is just about 15 minutes away. Walking up to the market is what we suggest since you can also explore the many nearby markets.

Fashion Street, C.S.T.

One of the best and the most popular markets of Mumbai is the Fashion Street situated in CST. You wouldn’t find a single soul in Mumbai who doesn’t know of this market.  The street is a long stretch of shops, almost 150 of them selling trendy and chic clothes.  Fashion Street is pure paradise for every ardent shopper. You can buy designer brands at really affordable prices.  From denim, shirts, accessories, hats and also foot wear, there is lot that you can buy. And you get all these at dirt cheap prices only if you know how to bargain.  This market also has several small food stalls to satiate your hunger in between all that shopping. If bargaining comes to your naturally, then you must head to Fashion Street and shop from the plethora of clothes and accessories that they have. You won’t return disappointed.

You can reach Fashion street, you can get down at either Churchgate station or CST. It is walking distance from here.

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