Aer, a rooftop restaurant in Mumbai

Aer, a rooftop restaurant in Mumbai

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), whose task it is to handle the hot mess of a city that Mumbai is, has made some changes to its rules regarding rooftop restaurants. Its previous rules banned restaurants at the top of hotels and buildings under certain circumstances, but it has now permitted such establishments to open in the city. With this change, Mumbai’s shopping malls and hotels will likely be seeing a lot more rooftop restaurants soon. ALSO READ: Top 7 romantic restaurants in Mumbai for the perfect date night Also Read - 'Touching Gesture'! Narayana Murthy Touches The Feet of Ratan Tata And Twitter Can't Stop Hailing The 'Historic Moment'

This is big news for hoteliers, of course, and they say that this should result in new experiences for Mumbaikars and solve, in some way, the problem of space constraints in the city. They also hope that more rooftop restaurants will boost tourism. And we see how that can be possible. Mumbai’s food scene is one of the many reasons for its popularity, with a variety of restaurants offering unique cuisines and experiences. The city’s best rooftop restaurants at the moment are soothing, open and airy, the perfect antidote to the mean, busy streets of Mumbai. Also Read - JNU Violence Highlights: Student Protests Emerge Across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata; Film Fraternity Joins in

In a city that is usually either hot or wet but almost always humid, rooftop restaurants offer a nice change in pace. You can enjoy the evening breeze, have fun and relax in the open space, and gobble up some delicious food. More of these restaurants should be good for everyone, including the state government and the BMC, which will pocket more money. And Mumbai just might see more restaurateurs experiment with concepts of sky lounges and cafes. Also Read - PMC Scam: With Rs 90 Lakh Stuck in Beleaguered Bank, ex-Jet Airways Staffer Dies of Cardiac Arrest After Attending Protest

But there’s a catch. The BMC has placed restrictions and conditions on the permits that, in principle, should help keep things peaceful and quiet in residential buildings. The restaurants have to be built around 1.5 meters around the rooftop, and there shouldn’t be a residential building in a 10 meter radius around the rooftop. Also, in the interest of safety, no gas stoves or cooking setups will be allowed; you’re going to have to make do with electric or microwave cooking. NOW READ: 5 rooftop restaurants in Mumbai for a ritzy romantic dinner date!

There are also the rules of the municipal corporation’s fire department. Any rooftop restaurant will have to adhere to these rules for safety to get permission. Despite the restrictions, the BMC’s move should still be a positive force for the development of Mumbai’s evolving food culture.