Naimisharanya, a sacred place of pilgrimage, about 90 km from Lucknow is one of the unexplored regions of India. It has a rich religious significance and is replete with mythological stories. A day trip to this place either from Lucknow or Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh can prove to be truly enriching if You’re interested in knowing about the rich history of mythology in India.

According to the scriptures, 88,000 rishis sat in the forests of Naimisharanya (also referred to with other names such as: Nemisharan, Naimisaranya, Neemsar, Naimish, Nimkhar, Nimsar and Naimisaranyam) where Ved Vyasa revealed the Vedas, Puranas, and Shastras to them.

Be it the Mahabharata or Ramayana, an Indian scripture will usually have the mention of Naimisharanya. It is said that in the four yugas there were four places for pilgrimage. In Satyuga it used to be Naimisharanaya, in Treta yuga it used to be Pushkar, in Dwapar it used to be Kurukshetra and in Kaliyug it is Ganga. So, visiting Naimisharanya is like travelling back in time to Satyuga.

However, it doesn’t look the same anymore. Nicely paved roads have replaced the dense forests; leading you to the haphazardly built temples and places of pilgrimage like: Chakratirth and the temples surrounding it, Sri Lalita Devi Mandir, Vyas Gaddi near Gomti or Adi Ganga River, Hanuman Garhi & Pandav Kila and Dadhichi Kund.

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~ Think Religious Think CA . Naimisaranyam is a Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu located in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The temple is believed to be of significant antiquity with contributions at different times from the ruling kings. The temple is counted as one of the eight temples of Vishnu that self-manifested and is classified as Swayamvyaktha Kshetra. The holy tank Chankra Kunda is associated with the temple and it is a pilgrimage centre where people take a holy dip during festive occasions. . . . . #photofie #_oye #oyemyclick #lonelyplanetindia #natgeotravellerindia #desi_diaries #official_photography_hub #lastsuspect #_soi #afadingworld #travelrealindia #Shootononeplus #canon_india #instagram #whpactionpacked #instagoodmyphoto #justgoshoot #exploretocreate #peoplescreatives #visualsoflife #passionpassport #monoart_ #my_365 #thedailybite #theoutbound #monochromeindia #flashesofdelight #bandofun #mytravelgram #like4like

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It is believed that the four Vedas – Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Saam Veda, and Atharva Veda – were also written here. All the 18 Mahapuranas and six Shastras are also said to be written at Naimisharanya.

According to a legend Lord Vishnu killed the demon Gayasur by cutting his body into three parts; and because the middle part of the body fell here, it is also known as Nabhi Gaya. Another legend goes that Lord Vishnu killed demons who were troubling the sages in a moment or Nimish, hence the place got its name.

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~ Think Religious Think CA. This baba told us the story of a great saint haridas on the holy land of namishranya. Read to know what exactly happened. . He said… . “Saint Haridas was one of the very close disciples of Shri Krishna Chaithanya Mahaprabhu. His enemies got complex over of his fame. Hence they sent a prostitue to Haridas and asked her to seduce the great saint. They thought that it would be an easier way to tarnish the divine image of this ‘Sadhu’. But Haridas explained the prostitute about the ugly nature of her life though she was beautiful externally. Upon realising the facts, she started crying and pleaded Haridas to forgive her sins. Saint Haridas instantly accepted her as a disciple without any hesitation and initiated her with the ‘Maha Manthra’. Haridas also told her that ‘Bhagawan Naama’ will purify even the greatest sinners. After getting the realization from Haridas, that female went to solitude and started chanting the ‘Maha Manthra’. She was doing the chanting till her life end. Finally she attained the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.” . . . . #photofie #_oye #oyemyclick #lonelyplanetindia #natgeotravellerindia #desi_diaries #official_photography_hub #lastsuspect #_soi #afadingworld #travelrealindia #indiapictures #canon_india #instagram #whpactionpacked #instagoodmyphoto #justgoshoot #exploretocreate #peoplescreatives #visualsoflife #passionpassport #monoart_ #my_365 #thedailybite #theoutbound #worldtravelbook #flashesofdelight #bandofun #mytravelgram #like4likeA post shared by Chaitanya Aggarwal (@ca_creations_photography) on

Tulsidas is also said to have written Ramcharitmanas here. After returning from Sri Lanka, Lord Rama performed an Ashwamedha Yagna at Naimisharanya. It is also the same place where Devi Sita went back to earth. It is considered to be super holy to take a dip here on amavasya or the new moon day. There are plenty rites and rituals that complement these occasions, the significance of which increase manifold when you witness them in person.