Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently embarked on a 6-day four-nation tour of Europe. Scheduled to end on June 3, the trip will see PM Modi meeting the leaders of Germany, Spain, Russia and France to improve ties with the nations. He has already met Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany at a private dinner. His visits to Spain and France are aimed at boosting India’s economic engagement with them & to invite more investment from them to India. Perhaps the most important meeting for the Prime Minister would be the one with Russia’s Vladimir Putin where the two will try to repair their drifting global partnership. While it is certain that Mr. Modi’s schedule will be quite packed, we do wish he gets a chance to take some time and visit some of the most prominent attractions of these four beautiful countries. Here are four absolutely wonderful places Prime Minister Modi should try to check out during his Europe tour. ALSO SEE 10 photos from Narendra Modi’s Instagram that prove he’s just like us Also Read - Ladakh Standoff: These Masterstrokes of PM Modi Frighten China


Europe - 15 - Berlin Also Read - 'Perfect Time, Perfect Opportunity,' Says PM Modi to Aussie PM Scott Morrison in First Virtual Meet | Top 10 Points

If the Prime Minister has time to explore just one place, it should definitely be Berlin. Famous historical sites like the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag are sure to pique the PM’s interest. Although most of the Berlin Wall was demolished, there are some portions of the wall still standing near Checkpoint Charlie and Reichstag. It will certainly be worth checking out for the Prime Minister. Also Read - Watch LIVE: PM Modi Attends Online Summit With Australian PM Scott Morrison


Barcelona 9

Barcelona is the place to be in Spain! Be it the great architectural works of Antoni Gaudi, which include the Casa Batllo and the famous Sagrada Familia church, or the natural allure of the Barcelona beach, there will be something new for Mr. Modi to explore here. He is also someone who likes taking long walks so  stroll along La Rambla avenue is a must!


Trans-Siberian Railway

Trans-Siberian Railway

One thing Prime Minister Modi must try in Russia is the amazing Trans-Siberian Railway that runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. The private bathrooms and showers on one of the trains might be a pleasant, luxurious surprise for the Prime Minister. Following this, Mr. Modi must try to pay a visit to the magnificent St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow whose shape resembles a bonfire in full flame.




This one is a no-brainer, isn’t it? What better place than Paris for Mr. Modi to soak in the history and culture of France? Be it the huge and marvelous Eiffel tower, the splendid art museum named The Louvre, or the magnificent Palace of Versailles, the city has enough to keep the PM busy and intrigued. The lovely ambiance and pleasant weather of Paris will be a great thing for PM Modi to remember Europe by. NOW SEE Prince William shook hands with Narendra Modi. Here’s what happened next!

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