Located 48km from Udaipur, Nathdwara is a quaint town in Rajasthan, famous for its temples, the land of Haldighati, and the gorgeous crafts village of Molela, famous for its terracotta pottery. With the Aravalli forming its backdrop, Nathdwara is located along the banks of Banas river and is one of the most charming places to visit in Rajasthan.

Start your tour of the city with Shrinathji Temple, home to an enchanting sculpted black stone statue of Lord Krishna. It’s one of the major attractions of the city, and is said to have a calming effect on people who pray here. Another temple worth visiting in the town is Charbhuja Temple. It’s a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, located an hour away from the centre of the city. The temple displays excellent mirror work and marble carvings, and the towering stone elephants at the entrance lend a certain grandeur to the place.

Don’t miss out on Haldighati, the famed battleground, and now a mountain pass in the Aravalli, where the legendary brave heart Maharana Pratap took on the mighty Mughal army of Akbar. You can spot the cenotaph dedicated to his loyal horse Chetak here.

Also visit the Maharana Pratap Memorial nearby; a well-maintained museum dedicated to one of ancient India’s most inspirational warrior. There are impressive statues depicting the Battle of Haldighati, stunning artwork and a light and sound show that give us a peek into the bygone era.

For some relaxed moments by the tranquil waters, visit the Nand Samand Dam, also known as the Tantol Dam. This placid waterbody is a wonderful place to visit from Nathdwara, especially during the monsoons when the water overflows. It’s a perfect spot to catch a cocktail-coloured sunset on a balmy day. Lastly, visit the village of Molela, so you can take back home some gorgeous terracotta pottery with you.