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Italy is full of alluring spots that are dream destinations for travelers all over the world. One such spot is the 50-km-long coast of Amalfi in southern Italy. Located in the Sorrentine peninsula, Amalfi is known for its lovely beaches with crystal clear waters, intriguing history and its influence on the region’s architecture, and marvelous vineyards that attract many a traveler. From natural beauty to cultural appeal, Amalfi coast has it all. One look at the place and it crawls right into your bucket list. (ALSO SEE Ischia Images: 15 Unbelievable Photos of Ischia, the Volcanic Italian Island on the Gulf of Naples) Whether you are a solo backpacker or a couple on a luxurious honeymoon, there is something for you in Amalfi. Its picturesque landscapes make the evenings here more romantic than you can imagine. The ambiance is perfect to forget all of your worries and spend a relaxed, rejuvenating vacation far from the worries of your monotonous daily routine. Here’s an introduction and some cool facts about the Amalfi Coast by none other than National Geographic! Also Read - Here Are 6 Countries That Will Pay You to Visit Them Once COVID-19 Pandemic is Over

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