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Incredible India is the slogan of the Indian tourism board and is an apt one because India is truly incredible. A country that is so vast and is home to a myriad number of cultures and varying landscapes, you can never completely see everything it has to offer. However, in a bid to promote tourism in the country and give you a glimpse of what it has to offer, these Incredible India ads capture the essence of the place. Every state has a different one as each is distinct from the other and has something unique to offer. Take a look at the 10 best tourism ads of India and get inspired to travel this National Tourism Day i.e. January 25. ALSO SEE Did you know these facts about India? Also Read - Swara Bhasker Describes Struggle of Helping Migrant Workers: Have to Sift Through Filth in my Comments Section

West Bengal Tourism

West Bengal which is also called the sweetest part of India and has Kolkata, the City of Joy, has recently come up with its latest ad campaign featuring brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan. The ad shows the beauty of the state that ranges from its busy streets to the tea gardens of Darjeeling and everything in between. The foreigner who is visiting WB for the first time sees everything from the temples to a ride in a yellow taxi, Durga Puja, the Howrah Bridge, the toy train, eating fish and in the end, encountering Shah Rukh Khan as well who sings Rabindra sangeet. Watch to see how beautifully it captures the spirit of West Bengal without being too obvious and melts your heart in a few minutes. You would want to visit the state after watching it. Also Read - Unlock 1.0: Tarapith, Tirupati, Jagannath, Meenakshi Temples | What is Opening And From When?

Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan is one of the top places to visit in India especially for foreigners who love to admire India’s rich culture and architecture that is displayed in this state. The fact that it is also home to the Thar Desert is another major attraction of Rajasthan. However, each one comes here for a different attraction and Rajasthan tourism board has captured that in its ads. It has showcased what each tourist saw when they came to the state and in this way, showed us how vast and varied the state really is. Even though there are separate ads for each, here is a video that compiles a few of them in one. Take a look and enjoy the many shades of Rajasthan.


India is home to the great Himalayas and they offer everything from a great adventure to majestic views, the highest lakes, magical shrines and an expanse of snow. This makes it them such an alluring destination not just in India but the world. The Himalayas are 73 per cent in India and protect our borders too. This Incredible India ad captures the mighty mountains and their splendor in a under a minute, making them an attraction like no other. Watch to believe it.

North East

The north east of India is home to a number of hidden gems that are finally being discovered by tourists. Even so, there is scope for increasing the number of tourists who come here and showcasing the beauty in an ad is one of the best ways to do so. Watch this ad that shows us everything from the rolling hills, greenery, tea gardens, lakes, peaks and natural beauty to the tribes, monasteries and culture of the north eastern states of India. We are sure you will be itching to visit the north east after seeing this video.


The union territory of Diu is not a common tourist destination yet but this ad shows us what tourists are missing out on. Calling itself the Isle of Clam, the ad showcases the wonders of Diu that include old churches, lighthouses, beaches, caves and vantage points that showcase the blue sea. There is something so serene here that you would want to pack your bags and leave right now. It starts with a woman stressed in her everyday life and then waking up in Diu and how her day changes. We fell in love with this ad and with Diu after watching it.

 Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is called paradise on earth for a reason and this ad simply captures the beauty of the state and presents it in a raw avatar. The natural splendor of Kashmir is breathtaking is perhaps what makes it so attractive to tourists. From snow-covered mountains to the calm waters of Dal Lake there is so much to see and do in the state and we simply cannot take our eyes off this ad. Watch it now.


Amitabh Bachchan has done wonders for Gujarat as its tourism brand ambassador and continues to do so even today. There is something about his voice that draws you to it and you listen intently to him. In this ad, he is promoting Dwarka, a spiritual town in Gujarat that is considered sacred by Hindus and people come here to attain moksha. He urges us to breathe in a bit of Dwarka and experience its many wonders that take us back in time.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is home to a number of hill stations, wildlife reserves, lush greenery and natural beauty that can help rejuvenate the tired soul and make us feel in tune with nature. The ad simply shows us the beauty the state has to offer without much ado and it is the simplicity that draws us to it after watching it. You will want to explore the many wonders of Tamil Nadu after watching this.


India’s capital Delhi is a wonder in itself that has so much to offer. This is an old ad but the wonders are captured beautifully in this video. The historic city has so many architectural marvels and apart from that, it has a rocking social life, temples, malls, nightlife, etc. The video shows us the prime attractions of the city in a short span in this video.


This is just one ad that captures everything you need to see and experience in India in under three minutes. The ad is a long one but by the end of it you will be left  speechless by the wonders the country has to offer. We cannot explain what the ad shows and leave it to you to find out as you watch the ad and be blown away by it. And don’t blame us if you start making your travel bucket list soon after.

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