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India celebrates National Tourism Day on January 25 every year. The idea behind creating this day was to create more awareness that promotes tourism in the country. Indian tourism also plays a part in the economic growth of the country and while there are several places of interest and the government is taking active measures to promote tourism, there is still a long way to go. However, India’s neighboring nation China has shown an exponential increase in their tourism and its growth rate in business travel has in fact been higher than USA, making it highest in the world. Certainly, India can learn a thing or two from China and use it to better its tourism so that more number of tourists visit India. According to recent figures, Indians are more likely to spend their money on foreign travel than traveling in India. Even foreigners coming to India have lessened, especially female travelers. On the other hand, China’s tourism is booming. Here’s what India can learn from its neighbor to achieve similar results. ALSO SEE Did you know these facts about India?  Also Read - Two-time Olympic Medallist Sushil Kumar Hasn't Given Up on Tokyo Dreams

1. Better infrastructure

China is way ahead of India when it comes to infrastructure and modes of transport. The roads, trains, busses and hotels are all better than what we find in India. This is highly important as tourists can get from one point to the other in a lesser time and a hassle-free way. However, the case isn’t the same in India. In order to attract more tourists, India first needs to focus on easy connectivity and good roads. Also Read - Crackers Are Passe, This BJP Leader Fired Shots in Air to Fulfil PM Modi's '9 Baje 9 Minute' Request, Booked

2. Lesser taxes

India has too many taxes imposed from its food to accommodation and flights. All these make it more expensive to travel here. China on the other hand is cheaper when it comes to stay and even has several star hotels. This makes it easier not just for locals for foreigners as well visiting the nation. The Indian Government should go easy of the taxation if they want more tourists.

3. Safety

In the recent past, India has been in the news for all the wrong reasons be it rape, murder or sexual attacks. All these have a negative impact on tourists who were planning to visit the country or a state. Female travelers especially do not feel safe to travel in India alone. Other instances of pickpocket, mugging, etc are also causes for concern. On the other hand, such instances are rather uncommon in China making it safe for travelers. ALSO SEE 22 of India’s most beautiful monuments 

4. Tourist attractions

China is a bigger country than India and has several tourist attractions to offer. India too has its fair share of attractions however, when it comes to foreign travelers, they usually opt for specific cities where they can either chill or see India’s cultural and spiritual side. They do not prefer Indian cities as tourists. On the other hand, cities in China are have their own draw for tourists.

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