Among the very few naturally occurring wonders in India, the Natural Arch of Tirumala Hills in Andhra Pradesh deserves special mention. As the name suggests, these arches are supported by two columns of rocks on both sides from ground up. The local people lovingly call this natural phenomenon as Silathoranam which means ‘garland made of rocks’. The arch has a width of around 8 meters and a height of 3 meters and is a byproduct of an erosion that happened ages ago. Also Read - Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy: Ishant Sharma Shines as Delhi Beat Andhra Pradesh to Register Second Straight Win of Season

Legend goes that the arch represents the hood of a snake that has a great significance in Hindu religion. People also believe that there is a close connection between the Lord Balaji of the temple at Tirumala and this arch. Some say that the height of the arch is of the exact same height as the idol of the temple. Also Read - Top News Headlines From Andhra Pradesh & Telangana: Chaos at KT Rama Rao's Rally; Free Water to 9 Lakh People; more

However, Silathoranam came into prominence in the year 1980 when geologists were conducting excavations in this area. They found that the natural bridge was made of two different types of rocks and it existed since 2.5 billion years. Travellers can rest in the garden built right in front of the arch; it is mostly used when the surroundings are filled with fog. It’s just an extraordinary experience to see the natural arch under the light of the setting sun, so most people come here late in order to catch the beauty against the sunset.

It’s easy to reach the arch by road, rail or even by air. The nearest railway station is the Tirupati Railway Station, and you will have to travel a distance of 19km to reach the destination from here. The nearest airport is the Tirupati Airport at Reninguta, around 15km away from here. Travellers have to walk a distance of around 1km from Varamahaswamy Temple in order to reach the natural bridge. The twenty minute walk to reach the destination is an absolute delight in itself.