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Navami or Maha Navami is the third and final day of Durga Puja and is celebrated all across India with great enthusiasm. It is also the ninth day of Navratri and is followed by the huge Hindu festival of Dussehra or Vijayadashami on the tenth day. This year, Navami falls on October 10. The time for Navami called Navami tithi begins on October 9 at 22:30 hours and will go on till October 10 on 22:53 hours. Maha Navami is believed to be the day when Durga defeated the evil Mahishasura. The Navami rituals begin with a mahasnan and a shodashopachar puja. This puja can be maerged with the ashtami puja day if the starting time of Navami tithi falls before the sanyakal of ashtami tithi. In such a case, ashtami puja, navami puja and sandhi puja are done on the same day. Other rituals on the day of navami include Durga balidan which is performed at Apaharana kaal on the day of Navami. Another major ritual performed on this day is Navami Homa which usually marks the end of the Navami puja. The significant color for the day is purple. Also Read - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey And US President Donald Trump Lock Horns Again, This Time Over Latter's Campaign Video Which Had 'Copyright' Issues

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All three days of Durga puja and nine days of Navratri are a big deal for Hindus all over India and the world. Durga puja is characterized by durga puja pandals at every nook and corner of the country. West Bengal, as one might expect, celebrates Durga Puja with great fervor with several huge Durga puja pandals, rituals, decorations with a large number of devotees in attendance. People put their best creative foot forward when it comes to building pandals and Durga statues. All across Kolkata, and also other major cities like Mumbai and Delhi, organize cultural events during the puja and invite celebrities to perform for the devotees who attend in large numbers.


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Navratri on the other hand is huge in Gujarat with many groups organizing nine nights of dandiya dance and music. Navratri is a cultural festival of nine nights with each night celebrating one of the nine different manifestations of the goddess Durga. Navami is the ninth day of this festival, believed to be the last day of Durga’s fight with the demon Mahishasura. On the tenth day, Durga is believed to have defeated Mahishasura and that day is celebrated as Vijaydashami or Dussehra. All of India springs to life during this festive time with people buying new clothes, distributing sweets among friends and relatives, and participating in cultural events which are organized on a large scale in most major cities.


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