In a bid to raise environmental awareness, Nepal has come up with a praise-worthy idea. It is planning to collect all the trash from Mount Everest and create a piece of art out of them. It has already announced the move and has said that the art will be displayed in a gallery to make the world aware of the urgent need to save Mount Everest from becoming a dumping site.Also Read - Nepali Mountaineers Record History, Scale World's Second 2nd Tallest Peak K2 in Winter

A team of certain people recently collected tonnes of garbage from the mountain peak which is 29032 ft high. Most of the trash included oxygen bottles, wrappers, torn tents, plastic bottles, cans, etc. According to the art project director, Tommy Gustafsson and co-founder of the Sagarmatha Next Centre, this garbage will be soon converted into treasure. Various local and foreign artists will contribute to transforming the trashes into something artistic. “We want to showcase how you can transform solid waste into precious pieces of art and generate employment and income. We hope to change the people’s perceptions about the garbage and manage it”, said Tommy Gustafsson to the media.

Notably, the art pieces will be put on display and some of them will be sold as souvenirs. The money generated from it will be used for conservation purposes. This is undoubtedly a commendable move and we all are in support of it.