After a long gap of 7 months, Nepal has once again allowed mountaineering and trekking. Adventure lovers and Mount Everest aspirants can now try the climbing activities that were stopped owing to COVID-19 pandemic. But, you need to be aware of certain rules and regulations before visiting the country. Also Read - Misunderstanding With India Can Be Resolved Through Dialogue: Nepal PM Tells Naravane

Tourists who want to trek the high mountains will only be permitted to enter Nepal. This means Nepal is not open to all visitors. Mountaineers must have a visa in advance and a COVID-19 negative report provided within 72 hours of landing in the country. Moreover, if you are looking to scale Nepal’s Himalayan peak, you need to get the permit in advance and have an insurance cover of $5000. Before starting the trekking, you will have to spend 7 days in quarantine and for that, you need to do the hotel booking in advance. Also Read - Intel Alert: China Occupying Nepal's Territory at 7 Bordering Districts

Helpers, guides, cooks, and porters coming with the trekkers also need to get tested for COVID-19 and present a negative report for the same. Also, they need to provide proof stating that they have not been in the infection-prone areas in the last two weeks.

Mountaineering in 2020 will be open till November only. Permits to do mountaineering in August are being issued by the Nepal government. Hence, you can apply for the same.