Central America is one of the most underrated destinations on the planet. It is home to some of the finest spots that are a delight for nature lovers and adventurers alike. One country in Central America that has emerged as a hot favorite among backpackers is Nicaragua. Surrounded by other marvelous spots like Costa Rica and the Caribbean, Nicaragua is a wonderful scenic delight in itself. It is home to some spectacular beaches, gorgeous lakes and magnificent colonial buildings. Granada, in particular, is famous for its Spanish colonial buildings. Nicaragua is full of hidden gems that are worth a visit for their natural beauty. But what makes Nicaragua an irresistible destination are its volcanoes and rainforests. It is home to America’s second largest rainforests. Active volcanoes like Masaya and Momotombo draw in tourists from all over the world. (ALSO SEE These Breathtaking Pictures of Norway Show Why It Must Be on Every Bucket List) Every landscape of Nicaragua is like a painting that has come to life. Don’t believe us? Here are some stunning Nicaragua photos to prove our point. Also Read - 'Love Wins': As Costa Rica Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, Lesbian Couple Ties the Knot At Midnight

Guadalupe Church at Granada, Nicaragua

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View of Cathedral Granada, Nicaragua

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Pacific Ocean Rocks San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua Beach Beautiful View Sky Tourism Tourist Destination

Nicaragua 3

Aerial view on coastline of colorful pacific ocean water in Nicaragua

Nicaragua 5

Rooftop of the cathedral of Leon, a UNESCO Heritage Centre in Nicaragua

Nicaragua 4

National Palace Culture Museum Plaza of the Revolution in Managua, Nicaragua

Nicaragua - National Palace CUltural Museum

Guadalupe Church at Granada, Nicaragua

Guadalpe Church in Nicaragua

San Cristobal Volcano Located in Nicaragua

San Cristobal Volcano in Nicaragua

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Aerial view of the tropical Big Corn Island in Nicaragua

Big Corn Island in Nicaragua

Momotombo Volcano close to Leon in Nicaragua

Momotombo Volcano in Nicaragua

Green ecological city Managua in Central America’s Nicaragua

Managua in Nicaragua

Spider monkey screaming Monkey Island in Nicaragua

Spider monkey in Nicaragua

A typical lunch of beef ,beans, plantains and rice in Nicaragua

Typical lunch in Nicaragua

Island Ometepe with volcano in Nicaragua

Island Ometepe in Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur

Aborigen dancers in typical dress celebrating on the street

Aborigen dancers in Nicaragua

Blanca waterfall in Santa Emilia, Nicaragua

Blanca waterfall in Nicaragua

Aerial view from Peak point in San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua

So, if you like to tread off the beaten path, give the clichéd Paris and Thailand a miss and visit Nicaragua. You will come back with memories to cherish forever.