Nilambur, a major town in the Malappuram district of Kerala, is known for its teak plantations, vast forests, unique wildlife, pristine water bodies, and a vibrant colonial past. Strategically positioned; this town shares its borders with Eranadu, Palakkad, Calicut and the Nilgiri Hills.

Located on the banks of river Chaliyar, Nilambur is home to abundant natural beauty and stunning fertile landscapes. Among the must-visit attractions here are the Conolly’s Plot, a sweeping teak plantation and The Teak Museum, world’s first teak museum where you can educate yourself on the workings of the plant.

Nilambur is also known for its gorgeous cascading waterfalls: Adyanpara Falls and Vellamthode Falls are especially delightful in their appearance.

About 18km from the town, Nedumkayam is known for its rain forests and wooden rest houses that afford stunning views of the wildlife such as elephants and deers roaming freely in the forests nearby. For those inclined towards art and craft, don’t miss out on the quaint village of Aruvancode famous for its pottery work. The Bio Resources Park of Nilambur is yet another biodiversity hotspot; the butterfly park close by is unmissable especially if you’re a shutter bug.

Nilambur has a bunch of royal residencies locally known as the Kovilakam. They were the dwelling places of local kings and rulers of the bygone era, and are today revered for their magnificent wall paintings and amazing wood-works.

The vast tracts of forests of Nilambur stretch into 3 wildlife sanctuaries of three different states – Bandipur Sanctuary of Karnataka, Mudumalai National Park of Tamil Nadu and Wayanad Sanctuary of Kerala. You can easily couple your trip to Nilambur with any or all  of these parks if you’re a wildlife enthusiast.

The town enjoys good connectivity and is accessible from a number of neighboring towns and districts such as Malappuram town (40 km), Kozhikode(72 km), Thrissur (120 km), Gudalur (50 km) and Ooty (100 km). The nearest airport is in Kozhikode.