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Palace on Wheels, one of India and the world’s finest luxury trains has been around for 34 years now. It started in 1982 and was always fully booked months in advance. With 14 coaches, it can accommodate only 104 passengers but for the first time in its history, the Palace on Wheels train does not have bookings! Yes, the luxurious train which was in demand even during recession a few years ago, did not receive any booking for its trip starting on March 30. Which is why the train had to cancel its trip. Also Read - As COVID-19 Cases Cross 214-mark With 5 Deaths, Himachal Pradesh Extends Lockdown Till June 30

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The journey of Palace on Wheels starts from Delhi taking you through Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and a few other places. It has a 7N/8D itinerary where you stay on board in luxurious en-suite saloons, eat at the train’s two royal restaurants and sip the finest alcoholic drinks in its well-stocked bar. The journey costs a person Rs 250,000 and upwards.

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But things are not looking good as far its popularity is concerned. On its previous trip around Holi, this train ran with just eight tourists on board. This low number and the lack of bookings was the reason for the Palace on Wheels to cancel its recent journey. This is the first time in 34 years that the train did not receive any bookings. According to the GM Pradeep Bohra, they need at least 25 people on board at a time for the train to be profitable because of the high haulage charges. To make sure this happens, they will have to reinvent their strategy.

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