New Delhi: In January, the Goa government amended the Registration of Tourist Trade Act to impose fine of drinking and cooking on the beaches. But as it is evident that there have been no checks to implement the same strictly, the government has once again said that there will be a crackdown on drinking alcohol on beaches. The warning comes after two tourists, Aditya Magadum and Abhijeet Magadum, drowned at Morjim beach in an inebriated state.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said, “From now onwards, there will be enforcement of the law to prevent people from drinking on beaches. Additional police forces have been pressed into beach safety duties to prevent a repeat of such incidents.”

The state which earns its revenue mostly from tourism has been grappling with the issue of open drinking for a long time. When Manohar Parrikar was the CM, he talked about tightening the screws on revelry that borderlines nuisance. He had promised to amend the laws to this effect in September 2017, a few months after the North Goa District Police had ordered a crackdown against drinking at public places.

According to the amendment to the Goa Tourist Place (protection and Maintenance) Act, 2001, individual offenders will be fined Rs 2,000, and if in a group, they will have to pay Rs 10,000. No person engaged in the business of sale of liquor “will allow its customer to carry bottles/cans containing liquor in tourist places”

While the passing of the Bill dampened the spirit of the holidayers, it never came to be implemented strictly as the onus was on the liquor sellers to not allow revellers to drink in the public.