The Taj Mahal is India’s biggest tourist attraction drawing in visitors all year round. However, if you have plans of visiting the magnificent monument in the near future, it may be wise to postpone your plans for now. For the past few days, most of north India has been facing the wrath of polluted air with a deadly smog covering most places including major tourist attractions. The smog and pollution is believed to have been caused by Diwali celebrations in conjunction with the burning of a huge crop stubble in Punjab and Haryana. (ALSO SEE These NASA images expose the real reason behind hazardous Delhi pollution) While India’s capital New Delhi is the most affected by this smog, other parts of north India, like Agra, have not been spared. Health organizations have classifies this smog as hazardous and the Indian government has declared an ’emergency situation’ in New Delhi. The smog is showing no signs of receding as of now and it has caused great disappointment to those visiting popular landmarks and attractions. Leading the list of such cases is the Taj Mahal. Tourists who have visited the Taj Mahal in the past couple of days have expressed great disappointment by the view clouded by dense smog. Sometimes, the Taj Mahal can hardly be spotted. Have a look: Also Read - UP Jail Inmates Manufacture Around 11.49 Lakh Face Masks, Provide 8 Lakh of Them to Government And Non-Governmental Organisations

When the sun looks like the moon, he says

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The Taj Mahal engulfed in smog… this one had the hash tag #whathavewedone

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She seems to be trying hard to see one of the most recognized monuments in the world

Taj Mahal 3

One of the worst smog the area has ever seen

Taj Mahal 5

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Seriously, can’t even spot it

Taj Mahal 4

Ghost #tajmahal at ridiculous o’clock this morning, she said

Taj Mahal 6

Can you imagine the disappointment when you travel so far and can hardly see the greatest monument of the country?!

Taj Mahal 7

Its is truly a saddening to see how we have failed to keep our environment clean and safe. And it is indeed a shame that our esteemed monuments like the Taj Mahal are now facing the consequences of our actions.

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