India is home to a number of beaches thanks to its vast coastline, and each and every one of them is different based on their location. Of the many beaches, those located in Goa are the ones that are most frequented by locals and foreign visitors. But there are some places that stand apart from all the others, and one of them is Andaman Islands.Also Read - You Will Want to Visit Ladakh After Listening to Travel Blogger Ami Bhat Share Her Experience

As per travel blogger Ami Bhat, an avid traveller who shares what all she has seen in her blog Thrilling Travel, Andaman is unique because it has more to offer than all the other places put together. For her, the fact that Andaman does not have that many visitors is what makes it so perfect. Also Read - Avid Traveller Ami Bhat Talks About Travelling Alone as a Woman And What All She Experienced

In this new episode, Ami Bhat and host Pankaj Nath talk about the things one can do and the various places one can visit while in Andaman. Also Read - Want to be a Travel Blogger? Listen in to Ami Bhat as She Shares Tips And Tricks on Creating Content

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