India is a country with rich diversity and geography as well. It has everything you need. From places surround with mighty hills, to exotic beaches, and destinations with historical significance, India offers a variety of options to the visitors. If you are a traveholic and have explored almost all the popular places in India, you have reached the right place. Here, we tell you about a few offbeat places in the country that will allure you for sure. Having a vivid culture, language, and natural beauty, these places offer an unforgettable experience to the travellers. If you wish to explore these attractions, read further.Also Read - Visit These Enchanting Places in India That Are Budget-Friendly Too


Never heard about it? Well, Ziro is a beautiful destination located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. A paradise for peace seekers, Ziro enjoys a balmy climate. This old town has its charm and beauty because of the pine hills and rice fields. Home to Apa Tani tribe, Ziro has a picturesque landscape that is worth capturing. Also Read - Places You Must Visit in Ajmer


Patan used to be the capital of Gujarat in medieval times. Known for being the home of various architectural gems, Patan gives a feeling of being in the medieval era. The city welcomes you through a huge royal entrance gate. One of the most important architectures in Patan is ‘Rani Ka Vav’, which is a form of the water storage system. Literally meaning ‘Queen’s Stepwell’, Rani Ka Vav was constructed in the 1060s. Presently, it is a World Heritage Site. Also Read - 5 Exotic Places You Must Visit in November


Located in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, Valparai is a beautiful hill station. This offbeat place is a perfect destination for peace lovers. Nestled at an elevation of 1500m above the sea level, Valparai is an obscure but serene region with enticing sights. This idyllic hill station has various monuments and temples to explore.