Today is Onam 2017. Malayalis all across the globe celebrate this festival with great devotion and pomp. Traditionally celebrated as a harvest festival, Onam today is a grand cultural and religious event for the people of Kerala. The festival holds the significance of New Year for Malayalis. It is marked by prayer sessions, buying new clothes, getting together with family members for delicious meals called Onam sadhya, and some convivial folk dances and role plays. One of the most important aspects of Onam celebrations in Kerala is the marvelous snake boat races which have become major tourist attractions. The festival of Onam falls in the Chingam month of the Malayali calendar. It is a 10-day festival that ends on the Onam day. Onam 2017 date is September 4 which means that Malayalis all over Kerala will be in celebratory mood today. To give you a glimpse of Onam celebration, here are some amazing Onam images that show what typically happens on this festive day. Also Read - Puli Kali 2017: Images of the Wild Tiger Dance in Thrissur

Beautiful Onam pookalam is drawn outside homes on the day of Onam

Onam pookalam - Sajith/Wikimedia Commons

Onam pookalam – Sajith/Wikimedia Commons

Women performing a traditional Malayali dance during Onam celebrations

Onam celebrations - Syam Subramanian/Wikimedia Commons

Onam celebrations – Syam Subramanian/Wikimedia Commons

Atachamayam is a grand procession that marks the beginning of Onam festivities

Onam Athachamayam - Sivavkm/Wikimedia Commons

Onam Athachamayam – Sivavkm/Wikimedia Commons

It is a great opportunity to witness the rich art forms of the state of Kerala

Onam Athachamayam in Kerala - sivavkm/Wikimedia Commons

Onam Athachamayam in Kerala – sivavkm/Wikimedia Commons

Held in Thripunithura near Kochi, Atachamayam is a popular tourist attraction as it is the best way to witness some peculiar celebrations which are unlike anything you might have seen in India.

Onasadhya is a major part of Onam festivities. There are several places in Kerala and across India that are known for their Onasadhya treats on Onam day.

Procession in Kerala during Onam - Sivavkm/Wikimedia Commons

Procession in Kerala during Onam – Sivavkm/Wikimedia Commons

Onam Sadya or Onasadya as it is called by Malayalis is a drool-worthy collection of traditional food items served on Onam. Several places in India are known for their amazing Onasadhya feasts!

Photograph: Shutterstock

Photograph: Shutterstock

Even in Malayali homes, families and friends get together for a scrumptious Onasadhya meal served on banana leaves.

Onam Sadya at home - Vishnu Kunnathully/Wikimedia Commons

Onam Sadya at home – Vishnu Kunnathully/Wikimedia Commons

And of course, there is the popular snake boat race, one of the most fascinating aspects of Onam in Kerala!

shutterstock Snake boat race

Snake Boat Race in Kerala

These wonderful Onam festival images show how revered this festival is for the Malayali community. Not only is Onam a great way to begin the new year, it is also an opportunity to people from Kerala to keep in touch with their rich culture and tradition, which is one of the most intriguing ones in India. Also Read - Shashi Tharoor Shares Video of Christian Nuns Celebrating Onam With Traditional Thiruvathirakali Dance

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