We live in a world where we rather rely on the Internet for all our bookings than go to a travel agent. There’s a good chance that you’ve made a gradual shift from agents to making arrangements online. Convenient though as it may be, one can’t negate the fact that it’s time-consuming when you do everything yourself. There’s a whole bunch of travel agents around everywhere, there’s a reason they’re thriving. Here’s how:Also Read - 6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hopping on a Long Train Journey

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Sometimes we end up spending hours on planning a simple trip. If you want to give a miss to all the fretting around the planning, leave it to the agents. Remember they are there to help you through all the grunt work, especially if you’re buried under truckloads of work all the time. Also Read - How Travel Goes From Spontaneous to Luxurious As You Age

Special skills

You can’t negate the fact that human assistance is sometimes much better than the skills of Google. As far as finding out the perfect airline and destination is concerned – you get more of that online than you can possibly assimilate. But in terms of specialised services such as custom tours or using airline ticketing tricks for multi-stop international trips, travel agents are the real deal.


While online is the most convenient, in the face of an adversity, you can’t really turn to it. But if you have had the agent do all your bookings, you can easily seek their help in case a problem arises. If your flight is canceled, your agent can probably find a better solution than you could on your own.

Extra services 

While online doesn’t different between a regular and a business traveller, agents provide special services to business travellers. The services of business-oriented agencies are quite helpful to everybody from small businesses to individual professionals. If you want lesser hassles and somebody to help you fight a problem, it’s an easy choice.