Houseboats look very welcoming, don’t they? The idea of living on a house floating on water seems so exciting! Are you too fascinated by houseboats? Well, in that case, you MUST certainly head to the below listed places for a dream vacation. These places in India will not only help you materialize your childhood dream of living on a houseboat or spending time on it, but will do so in the best possible way.

Kerala Houseboats


Houseboats are a common sight on the backwaters of Kerala. Referred to as Kettuvallam, they have thatched roofs over wooden hulls. The traditional kettuvallam is used to promote tourism in Kerala. Houseboats in Kerala are reworked models of kettuvallam. They are huge, slow-moving barges used for leisure trips. One can hire houseboats in Kerala at Alleppey and Kumarakom. One can find numerous options at these destinations, varying in costs and style of design.

Kashmir Houseboats


Unlike the houseboats in Kerala, the ones in Jammu and Kashmir are usually stationary. They are generally anchored at the edges of the lakes. The boats here are made of wood and have intricately carved wood paneling. There are different categories of houseboats, like luxury and low-budget houseboats. One can find houseboats in Kashmir along different sections of Dal Lake and Nagin (Nageen) Lake and Jhelum River.

So well, where will you head to for your next vacation, which includes a stay on a houseboat?