New Delhi: A report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has ranked Pakistan as the least competitive country in South Asia when it comes to travel and tourism. Also Read - Pakistan Ready to Resolve All Outstanding Issues With India Through Dialogue, Says Imran Khan

According to the list, called the Travel and Tourism (T&T) Competitive Index 2019, Pakistan, at 121, ranks at the bottom of the Asia-Pacific Travel and Tourism. The list prepares rank of 140 countries, out of which, in 2017, the country ranked 124, thereby ‘improving’ its position by three spots. Also Read - Pakistan Remains on FATF Grey List, Given Time Till June to Implement Full Action Plan

The report emphasised that Pakistan still requires to make a substantial improvement in competitiveness to move up in the rankings. However, it also found that the country had made a remarkable improvement in terms of human resources and labour market, with Singapore being the top-scorer in this area. Also Read - Pakistan MP Who is in His Late Fifties, Marries 14-Year-Old Baloch Girl; Police Launch Probe

Among Asian countries, Japan, with a global rank of four, emerged as Asia’s most competitive travel and tourism economy. At 13, China is Asia’s second-most competitive travel and tourism followed by Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore at 14, 16 and 17 respectively. Malaysia and Thailand, meanwhile, earned global ranks of 29 and 31 respectively.

India moved six spots on the list, from number 40 to 34, while The Philippines, too improved, moving up four places to rank 75 globally.

The report ranked South Asia low for infrastructure but also said that the region experienced one of the fastest rates of improvement since the last edition of the report.Spain topped the list, with France, Germany and with the United States at second, third and fifth respectively.

(Reported by Sidhant Sibal)